Friday, February 25, 2011

Chatting with Suzanne Selfors

Thanks to Suzanne, the author of newly-released Mad Love, as well as fellow YA reads Saving Juliet and Coffeehouse Angel! Welcome, Suzanne, and congratulations on the new book!

Bookworm: What inspired you to write Mad Love?
Suzanne: I have long loved Greek and Roman mythology. In Coffeehouse Angel I reimagined the Greek messenger god, Hermes. And in my first adult book, Daughters of Crete, I reimagined the story of Ariadne. I knew I wanted to do something with Cupid. So I thought about it for a while. The story took shape over many intense revisions.

Bookworm: Bipolar disorder plays a large role in the novel. How did you research this topic?
Suzanne: I read about it. But I also drew from my own childhood. My father struggled with manic episodes, and he also struggled with anxiety and depression, for which he self-medicated with alcohol. He was never diagnosed bi-polar but I'm guessing he would have been if he'd ever sought help.

Bookworm: Do you believe in Cupid?
Suzanne: Cupid is the God of passionate love, the kind of love that hits you real hard and fries your brain for a month or two. I've experienced it firsthand. Who hasn't?

Bookworm: If you were a cheesy romance-novel writer, like Alice's mom in the book, what would your first book be named?
Suzanne: Well, I have this thing about the Scottish highlands and men in kilts to it would be something like Hung in the Highlands. :)

Bookworm: What was your favorite part of the book to write?
Suzanne: The ending!

Bookworm: Which character is most like you, and why?
Suzanne: I guess I most relate to the mother character, Belinda Amorous, simply because she's a working writer with a teen daughter.

Bookworm: What is your next writing project?
Suzanne: I'm busy with my next teen novel, which will be released in 2012 if I can ever finish the thing. And my next middle grade novel, Smells Like Treasure, comes out in May 2011.

Bookworm: What are your writing essentials (environment, music, snacks, etc)?
Suzanne: I need something hot to drink, usually it's a nonfat latte, sometimes it's Earl Gray tea. I like white noise so I usually work in a coffeehouse.
To learn more about Suzanne's other books and to view Mad Love's awesome book trailer, visit her website here!
Thanks, Suznne--we can't wait to see what's next for you!


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