Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bookworm On Vacation!

Hello Readers!
It's me, Bookworm! I just wanted to let you know the cause of my lack of posts for the next two weeks: I'll be on vacation. But I promise that when I get back I'll post reviews of all the books I've read on vacation! 
Happy summer!

Out of the Wild

The Wild, the terrible mass of vines that traps fairy-tale creatures in their stories and swipes their memories, is finally gone for good and life for 12 year old Julie is back to normal (well, as normal as it can get when you live in a community of fairy-tale creatures). Just when Julie, her mom Rapunzel (yes, the one with the long hair), and her brother Puss-In-Boots think the excitement is over, a sudden surprise awaits them: Julie's dad (and Rapunzel's prince) is freed from the Wild! Julie is thrilled-and then the trouble begins. A princess is kidnapped, and Julie's dad sets off to free her, committing other fairy-tale actions that make The Wild grow-are they on purpose? Julie must follow him from the Big Apple to Disneyland in order to save the world from the wrath of the Wild. But what she doesn't know is that someone very familiar could be very dangerous...Can Julie stop her dad in time? Can she fight against the forces of the Wild and save everyone she loves-and her peaceful world? And can Julie and her family have a happily-ever-after? With a colorful set of characters, an intriguing and well-written plot, and enchantment, fun, romance, and adventure, Out of the Wild  by Sarah Beth Durst, (the author of Into the Wild) has created yet another fantastic fantasy masterpiece, coming out on June 19th!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spin the Bottle

Pheobe Hart, a total Drama Geek, can't wait to enter middle school for a single reason: Drama Club, the place where she is meant to be. There, she'll frolick among her fellow actors and actresses (including the 9th grade legends that she idolizes), and they'll do real plays without dancing days of the week and vomiting chickens. Pheobe feels super-lucky, what with her best friend Harper joining the club with her, and the cool 9th-grade president taking a liking to her. And then the drama begins-onstage and off: Pheobe and Harper get into a fight, Pheobe has a badly-timed "Digestive Malfunction" onstage and blows her audition, causing her to get a crummy part in the school production of Guys and Dolls, she seems to come across as an idiot every time her "OOMA" (Object of My Affection-basically, her crush) tries to talk to her, and there's something up with the 9th graders being so nice to her. Oh, and the fact that Pheobe learns that the opening-night tradition is to play Spin the Bottle-and she has no boy or kissing experience whatsoever! And what if the bottle lands on her crush? Does he even like her, anyway? Will the production be a success? And can Pheobe work out all the drama before the curtain rises? 
   Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (the author of the hysterical Lily B. books) has created another frank and funny novel that shows she knows what it's like to be a girl. Middle grade readers ages 11-14 will adore the great set of characters and well-written chapters of this light (but enjoyable) read.

Monday, June 9, 2008

So Totally Emily Ebers

Meet twelve year old Emily Ebers, who has just moved to Rancho Rosetta, CA from New Jersey due to her parent's unfortunate divorce. Emily thinks her first summer is going to be miserable, but then she joins a local volleyball camp and meets Millicent Min (from author Lisa Yee's previous books, Millicent Min: Girl Genius and Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time). Emily is relieved to have a new friend, but is embarrassed to have Millicent come over, due to her hippie mother, with whom she is very angry at for making Emily move away from New Jersey. Then Emily learns that Millicent is hiding something very important from her...Here comes another middle-grade novel from Lisa Yee full of romance, friendship, summertime, and comedy! 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friends Till the End

It's finally the end of seventh grade for Madison Francesca Finn, which means that summertime, fun with friends, and hang-out time is right around the corner. But it also means some other not-so-great things for the spunky and funny computer whiz: possible bad news from one of her best friends Fiona, a boy from the past that could put Maddie's and Hart's relationship in danger, a new science project with the credit-stealing enemy Poison Ivy Daly, the stress of graduation and a family after-party, and some not-so-great news from both Dad and Maddie's crush, Hart! Luckily, Maddie has some great friends (Lindsay, Aimme, Madhur, and Fiona) that will help her get through it all. And even though Maddie's future is uncertain for now, she knows that the fantastic five will be friends till the end...Now if only she could get through seventh grade! This last book in the From the Files of Madison Finn series (by Laura Dower) will have readers laughing and crying, and is just as fantastic as the previous books in the collection.

Bronte's Book Club

It's summertime, and 12 year old word-loving Bronte Bella has just moved from New Mexico to sunny Gray's Beach in California. In an attempt to make new friends, this spunky redhead decides to start up a book club for girls her age (dogs welcome, too!) Through this idea, Bronte indeed finds some new chums in her new town: Willow: secretive, pretty, and popular; Nan: sweet and cheerful; Lupe (and her Golden Retriever Sonny Boy): dramatic and funny; and Jessie: quiet, angry, and hiding something...This novel, written by award-winning author Kristiana Gregory, is an ideal story for readers ages 9-11. Bronte's Book Club is a perfect match for readers who like summer fun, adventure, and friendship!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah

Caroline's half-and-half: her mom is Jewish and her dad isn't. She and her little brother, Sam, are right in the middle, which has been fine for many years for both kids. But even though the family celebrates Hanukkah as well as Christmas, Caroline begins to see that her mother's Jewish heritage is being pushed farther and farther into the background, becoming seemingly less important. Then Caroline's beloved Nana dies (her mother's mother), leaving behind a Star of David necklace for Caroline, which causes her to think even harder about her religious situation. Does this mean that she's officially Jewish? Caroline begins to want to be, wanting maybe even having a bat mitzvah like her best friend Rachel. But how would her parents feel about this? And will Caroline be able to find her true self? 
   Nora Raleigh Baskin has written a sincere, beautifully written story full of flashbacks, which makes the already-great plot even better. Readers will find themselves connecting with Caroline and sympathizing her situations as she encounters friend troubles, crushes, and school. With the same theme of Judy Blume's Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah is a fabulous read for preteens. Fans of Sarah Darer Littman's Confessions of a Closet Catholic will also enjoy reading this novel. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Summer's here, and so are some great contests from my fellow book-blogging friends! If you're in the mood for winning, check out the following!

1) Mrs. Magoo of Mrs. Magoo Reads is giving away a free copy of Francey by Martin Dubow--you won't want to miss this fabulous giveaway!

2) The Book Adorer  is holding a contest as well. Enter and you could win a copy of Jennifer Banash's fantastic new novel The Elite.


Hildy Biddle, a teenage reporter for her high school's newspaper, The Core, always seeks the truth in a story. So when her small apple-growing town of Banesville begins to buzz with rumors about the old Ludlow house on Farnsworth road being haunted, Hildy knows something is up. Suddenly, the town is all worked up over spooky signs, "murders" on the property, ghosts, and "hauntings", worried for their safety. But Hildy senses that something else is going on, and she won't stop searching for the truth until she finds the answer to all this haunted hoop-la. But this spunky reporter will need determination, courage, and good friends, because there are people who don't want her to know the secrets of the Ludlow house! Joan Bauer, award-winning author of Hope was Here has created another fast-paced, well-written, and enjoyable read with a cast of characters readers will never forget!


Hi everyone! This was my first time ever being tagged, by Book Review Maniac!
Here are the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you, post the rules somwhere in your blog, answer the questions, and  tag four people in your post. Don't forget to let the tagees know they were tagged, so leave a comment on their blog! And remember to let your tagger know that your entry is posted!
1. Who's your favorite all-time author, and why?
Geez, this is hard for a bookworm like me! Well, I love Meg Cabot's writing because it's so funny, E.B. White's writing because it is so sweet, Joan Bauer because I can relate to her stories, Gail Carson Levine because her stories are so creative, Lesley MM Blume because her stories have depth, Carol Weston because she's hysterical, Anna Godbersen and Lisi Harrison because their books are just so amazing,  and Sarah Beth Durst because her books are just fun to read. But that's just the beginning...
2. Who was your first favorite author, and why?
Hmm.....well, I always loved H.A. Rey's Curious George books when I was little because they were cute, funny, and had great illustrations! Then I also really loved Bonnie Bryant, the author of The Saddle Club. And I still love these 2!

3. Who's the most recent edition to your list of favorite authors, and why?
Gail Carson Levine for her new novel, Ever (review coming soon!).

4. If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, what would pop out of your mouth?
Um....Alex Flinn, Gail Carson Levine, Linda Gerber, Anna Godbersen, Michael Buckley, Joan Bauer, Catherine Gilbert Murdock...

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Princess Ben

Princess Benevolence (Ben) of Montagne is not your average princess: she's plump, clumsy, and loves adventure. Ben's life is pretty happy: she lives with her loving parents in a cozy apartment right off the main castle. But then disaster strikes: her parents are assassinated, (possibly by the rival kingdom, Drachensbett), and Ben is put into the care of the cruel Queen Sophia, who locks her in a tower chamber as a punishment for her incapability of being princess-like. Ben thinks her life is over, but soon finds that it's just beginning: she discovers a portal in the wall which leads her to an enchanted tower right above her chamber! There, she begins to learn magic: making fire, learning to fly a broom, discovering family secrets, encountering many wild adventures...Can Ben save her country from the sly Drachensbett soldiers and find out what really happened to her parents (which might involve learning the secrets of Ancienne, the mysterious mountain looming over Montagne)?
   Catherine Gilbert Murdock has created a fanciful, delicious story that will have readers on the edges of their seats! This exciting fantasy is recommended for all teen girls (not just fans of Murdock's previous books Dairy Queen and The Off Season) who have a taste for good quality books and adventure!

No Reservations

In this drama/comedy, Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a passionate chef, working in one of the best restaurants in New York City. She's used to ruling the kitchen, and ruling her apartment. Everyone follows her strict orders, and she likes it like that. But then, suddenly, Kate's world changes: her sister is killed in a car crash, putting her emotional daughter, Zoe (Abigail Breslin), into Kate's hands. And that's not the only thing that's changed: there's a new sous-chef named Nick (Aaron Eckhart) in the kitchen, and he's going against all of Kate's old ways! Now Kate isn't the head of the kitchen anymore, and she doesn't like that. Kate can only handle so much--will she be able to get used to these two lovable new assets in her life?
Families will love this heartwarming film, rated PG.

The Diary of Anne Frank

In this 100% true story, Anne Frank is a young Jewish girl who loves to write living in Holland. Then World War II comes along, and her life changes forever. Her family (including parents Otto and Edith, and older sister Margot) must go into hiding in order to save themselves from Hitler and the Nazis' wrath upon Jews. The Franks also hide with another family, the Van Daans, and a Jewish dentist, Mr. Albert Dussel. While in hiding for two years (from 1942-1944), readers will see Anne change and mature as she chronicles events from their "Secret Annexe" in her beloved diary (whom she names "Kitty"). 
   Readers will most definitely cry at the end of this true story told through Anne's point of view. Some parts are funny; others are quite serious. The Diary of Anne Frank, recommended for readers of all ages, will certainly change people's view on the world: truly a life-changing book.