Friday, November 30, 2007

Newsflash! Check out Bookworm Readers' Featured Authors!

Hello readers, and welcome to Bookworm Readers. This month, I am proud to announce that Bookworm Readers has received 3 comments from real authors. This is a new addition to Bookworm Readers. The crew here at Bookworm Readers, Inc., hope you like it! Our featured authors this month are:
- Julie Bowe, author of My Last Best Friend  and (coming soon!) My New Best Friend
- Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild  and (coming soon!)  Out of the Wild
- Terri Farley, author of The Phantom Stallion series, the Wild Horse Island series, and Seven Tears into the Sea
We are so pleased to present these to you! To read these author's comments, just click on the title of the post. Happy reading!
--Bookworm and crew--

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still There, Clare

Still There, Clare by Yvonne Prinz is about a thirteen year old girl saying goodbye to her best friend: an imaginary friend named Elsa that she's had since age two. Is getting rid of Elsa harder then Clare expected? Here comes a fresh, witty story of how Clare gets through the summer with milkshakes, comic books, track and field camp, and-gasp-a possible new friend?


Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a fun romp through classic fairy tales by a talented and brilliant author, Sarah Beth Durst.
   Julie is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary family-her mother is the infamous Rapunzel and her brother is the crafty Puss-In-Boots (that's right, a cat). Her mother is the guardian of The Wild, a fairy tale world (before the fairy tale creatures such as Julie's mom escaped), but today it's just a tangled pile of vines living under Julie's bed. 
   But then someone makes a terrible mistake: they make an awful wish, and sets The Wild free. The Wild quickly devours Julie's Massachusetts town-including all of the people she knows and loves-even her own mother! Except this time, The Wild wants its characters back--for good. 
   Julie must journey deep into the Wild, outsmarting scary giants, wicked witches, cute princes, and evil queens in a quest to save her friends and family. Julie must risk everything to save them.....or else there will never be a happily-ever-after. 
   Full of adventure, excitement, and humor, Into the Wild  is a book you'll want to read again and again!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fire on Ice

The true story of Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen's life, including thrills and spills, and how she got to the top of the top. Written as an autobiography by Sasha, with tons of color pages of photos. A great read for kids 8 and older!

Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton, a thirteen year old surfer, had her arm bitten off by a shark one day while surfing off the coast of Hawaii. But not even missing one arm does Bethany give up her favorite thing in the world-surfing. 
   An autobiography of courage and determination by surfing pro Bethany Hamilton!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator

Gilda Joyce debuts in her first novel by Jennifer Allison as a funky, fresh thirteen year old who has psychic powers and believes she can communicate with "the other side". The perfect opportunity presents itself when Gilda persuades her long-lost uncle to let her stay in his (and his thirteen year old daughter, Juliet)'s house in San Francisco. But little does Gilda know, a tortured ghost of Gilda's uncle's sister, Melanie (who died by jumping from a window off of a tower) haunts the spooky tower next to the grand Victorian house that the Splinter family lives in. And Gilda's uncle seems like he has a lot to hide....
   Soon Gilda and Juliet are working together to solve the mystery and uncover many deadly secrets......
   Witty and humorous, readers will love Gilda!

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Last Best Friend

my Last Best Friend, by Julie Bowe, is about a girl named Ida May. After her last best friend, Elizabeth, moves far away, Ida vows never to have another best friend again. But then Stacey Merriweather-who's shiny and glittery and popular and fun- moves to town, and she's smiling at Ida May.....Soon Ida finds herself smiling back and forgetting about her vow. Will Ida and Stacey become friends? And more friends? But Ida doesn't want that. Or does she?
If you want a charming, simple, yet sweet story about friendship, then "My Last Best Friend" is perfect! This book is best for grades 4-5.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Julep O'Toole: Confessions of a Middle Child

(Written by Trudi Trueit)

Julep O'Toole feels invisible. As a middle child, she feels squished like an egg salad sandwich (DON'T EAT BEFORE GYM CLASS!) in between her perfect older sister Harmony and her younger brother Cooper, who gets lots of attention due to his many allergies. But then Julep gets an invitation to the most popular girl in school's Halloween party, and considers this as a chance to finally show how visible she really is to everyone. Can she prove to herself that she really is visible? She is stuck between being the Julep everyone loves or the Julep she loves. Will she shine or will she be doomed to be Invisible Girl forever?
   Julep is a hysterical, relatable character that I think readers will be able to relate to--whether you're a middle child or not!

Breakfast At Bloomingdale's

Long ago, Cat Zappe and her grandmother sealed a pact: they would become great fashion designers and sell a line of clothing called "Breakfast" in their favorite store, Bloomingdale's. But then Cat's grandma dies, and Cat is faced with an important decision: should she leave home, a place where she hates to be now that her "Nina" is gone, and pursue the goal that she and Nina shared so passionately? So Cat heads to New York City with her sewing machine and a dream......The only thing that stands in her way is a bunch of mean girls and boys........
Although it has a great plot line and COULD be a good story, "Breakfast At Bloomingdale's" simply lacks excitement, and it extremely confusing and boring.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

Title: The Mother-Daughter Book Club
Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
Pages: 288
Published by: Aladdin, 2008 (paperback edition)
Genre: Realistic fiction
Recommended to: Middle grade girls
Cover: A! So cute!
Overall Score/Grade: A

Four unlikely friends named Cassidy (the athletic one), Emma (the shy, bookish one), Megan (the popular, fashion-crazy one), and Jess (the quiet, brainy one) are brought together when their mothers decide to form a mother-daughter book club. As they read Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women together, the girls become closer friends. Through the drama of middle school, from stolen journals to bullies, from friendship issues to crushes, the girls will experience it all. And when times are rough, they'll ultimately ask: What would Jo March do? Luckily, they've got each other...
   I just loved Ms. Frederick's novel. I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance when I saw it at Barnes & Noble one day. Now it's probably one of my favorites. What made it so special was how realistic and different the main characters were: I felt like I could relate to all of them. I loved how Ms. Frederick came up with such a unique plot, something I've never read about before. There's not much to say about The Mother Daughter Book Club without being overly gushy about it, so I'll just end by saying that it's a five star read, perfect for summer on the beach or winter in your favorite arm chair with a cup of tea and a blanket!

The Rising Star of Rusty Nail

Fans and readers of Lesley MM Blume's "Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters" will be thrilled that this talented author has published yet another fantastic novel for readers 11 and up. This thrilling book is about a ten year old girl named Franny Hansen who is a piano prodigy, living in Rusty Nail, Minnesota. Once the "Coot Capital of the US", now Rusty Nail's just a sleepy farming town. Things aren't great for Franny. Her talent has exceeded her lazy piano teacher and now she only plays the piano the the rare school concert.
But then a mysterious Russian woman named Olga Malenkov comes to town. Franny believes that this talented pianist could be her ticket to fame out of town, but the townspeople of Rusty Nail believe that Olga is an evil Communist spy, set out to destroy them all.
Will Franny defy the townspeople-people she knows and loves-to follow her dream of being a world-class pianist?
"The Rising Star of Rusty Nail" is an exciting, fast-paced book about music and the importance of following your heart!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is quite nerdy and not the prettiest (or most popular) girl in her San Francisco high school. So it's pretty surprising when her long-lost grandmother (Julie Andrews) all of a sudden announces that Mia is Princess of a small European country, Genovia, and the grandmother herself is queen. So Mia begins to have "princess lessons" with the queen. They're torture-but she becomes more princessly with each one. And then Mia's secret gets blurted out at her school, and suddenly she's Miss Popular. Everyone wants to be her friend and she's in all the news headlines. Will she forget who her true friends are? And will she realize that being a princess isn't all tiaras and pretty dresses? A sweet movie that kids will love.
Rated PG.

Notes from a Liar and Her Dog

Antoinette ("Ant") doesn't even feel welcome in her own home of overly-happy, blonde people. So she makes up outlandish lies to make herself feel better. But will she lose friends if she continues? And then she begins working at the local zoo, and her life changes forever. Will it be a change for the better? Only the liar and her dog know.
Gennifer Choldenko has written and powerful, important, yet fun novel about the importance of being yourself. Middle-schoolers will adore this book.


Al Capone Does My Shirts

This is Gennifer Choldenko's must-awaited second novel about a boy living on Alcatraz Island, where his father works as a guard in the 1930s. There he must make friends with the other guard's children, take care of his older autistic sister, Natalie, and learn a lot about himself, his family, his love of baseball, and the convicts that live on the island with him.

Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf

Jennifer L. Holm has created another book that kids of all ages will love and cherish: "Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff". Travel along with Ginny through 7th grade as she (accidentally!) dyes her hair pink, grieves over the loss of her father, gets sent to detention, auditions for a ballet recital, and much more. You'll love photographs and newspaper clippings and more scattered throughout this clever and fun novel. A must-read!

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose is a cute, comical character created by Katy Kelly. Read along with Lucy Rose and you'll experience friendship, school plays, parents and grandparents, secrets, and summer camp (and much more) with her. Readers who enjoy Christina Kole MacLean's "Mary Margaret" books or "Junie B. Jones" by Barbara Park will love Lucy Rose's witty and funny humor.
Recommended grades 4-6

Leaping Beauty

Leaping Beauty by Gregory Maguire (author of smash-hit "Wicked") is a funny twist on fairytales. For instance, instead of Sleeping Beauty, there's "Leaping Beauty", a poor frog with evil stepsisters (er, toads). This lively book contains hilarious yarns such as "So What and the Seven Giraffes", "Cinderelephant", "Hamster and Gerbil", and more!

The United Tates of America

The United Tates of America is a humorous and fun book written by well-known author Paula Danziger. In this fun book, Skate Tate and her parents are going on a road trip to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. It is hilarious and awesome, and it includes some really cool scrapbook pages of the characters!
Readers ages 10 and up will adore this funny novel!


A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington (by Michael Bond) is a funny story about a marmalade-loving bear from Darkest Peru, and how a family living in London takes him in after finding him at Paddington Station.

Confessions of a Closet Catholic

Justine Silver’s best friend Mac is giving up chocolate for Lent. Jussy thinks that God doesn’t want her to make that kind of sacrifice. Instead, Jussy gives up being Jewish. Jussy holds “mass” in her closet, and confesses her sins to her teddy bear, Father Ted. She practices Communion with matzo and grape juice.
But then Jussy’s favorite grandmother, Bubbe, has a stroke, and Jussy decides to close her closet for good. But when Bubbe’s life is dangling on a thread, Jussy thinks that it is her fault. Jussy is confused between what she wants to be and what her parents want her to be.
Confessions of a Closet Catholic is a story of understanding who you really are. Sarah Darer Littman explains this with empathy and understanding, yet with touches of humor here and there.

Truth and Salsa

Hayley is leaving Kalamazoo, Michigan, for San Miguel de Allende in Mexico while her parents suffer a hard seperation. While in Mexico for her six months of living with her grandmother, Hayley changes her name to “Margarita”, makes a new friend out of Lili from next door, is an extra in a real Hollywood movie, and learns about a ghost living in her Gran’s house.
In Mexico, Hayley learns that things aren’t as colorful as the bright Mexican masks in Gran’s living room. Lili’s family is overcome by poverty, and her father is sent to Michigan to pick crops for money to send back to San Miguel. Also, Hayley and Lili find spooky letters on an old computer from the ghost’s daughter. How did the ghost die? Did the daughter kill him? Hayley and Lili are determined to make the ghost happy and to free his haunting spirit from Gran’s house. Whil Hayley is in Mexico, she also learns the truth about her parents divorce, about her family history, about the ghost, and surprisingly, about herself.
This book was written so nicely. I love how the author, Lind Lowery, described the vivid color of Mexico. I felt like I could imagine Gran’s little casa in my head. The author made everything feel so real. I give this book five stars and a huge recommendation!
(written by Linda Lowery)


Mary Margaret, Center Stage

When her teacher decides to put on the play Cinderella, Mary Margaret is auditioning for the lead role. Instead, icky Ellie, her teacher’s favorite, gets the part. But Mary Margaret is determined to get the role that she totally thought she deserved, even though it means losing a friendship....or two. Christina Kole MacLean makes this a thoroughly enjoyable and fun story for kids ages 9-12 will adore.

Poor Little Witch Girl

(written by Marie Desplechin)
Poor Little Witch Girl is about a young girl named Verbena who is a witch! Her mother is highly disturbed that she is not showing any kind of powers, and decides to make her take lessons with her grandmother, Anastabotte. But Verbena’s mind is set on not becoming a witch, but Anastabotte might just convince her that being a witch can be interesting and fun, too.
This book was translated from French into English. The original name was Verte, by Ecole de Loisirs in 1997. Poor Little Witch Girl is an award-winning, popular book in France, the first of Marie Desplechin’s novels to be brought the the USA.
Poor Little Witch Girl was told by four points of view: Ursula, Verbena’s mother, Anastabotte, Verbena’s grandmother, Verbena herself, the poor little witch girl, and Soufi, a boy in her class.
This story was funny! I recommend it if you want a short and easy read.


Penny from Heaven

Penny Falucci is an Italian American girl living in New Jersey. She wishes that she could go swimming or to the movies, but her mom is afraid of her catching polio. Her Italian grandmother, Nonny, who always dresses in black, cries every time she sees Penny, because Penny’s father, Nonny’s favorite son, was killed years ago and Penny reminded everyone of him. Penny’s uncle Dominic lives in a car. Her mother wants to marry the milkman. Penny relies on her cousin Frankie to help her get through the summer of 1953. This story is great, and moving, a little sad. It was the perfect combination. I completely understand why it won the Newberry Honors! Jennifer L. Holm is a wonderful story teller, and this is truly a marvelous book.


(by Cynthia Lord)
Catherine’s little brother David is autistic. Every day, he wants his red umbrella and at five he needs to go to the video store and read the rating of every movie there is. Catherine makes a list of rules for David to follow, simple rules that most people usually learn at a young age. David is eight, and Catherine is convinced that she will help David speak like a normal eight year old boy. She makes a friend out of Jason, a boy who cannot speak, and Kristi, her new next door neighbor. This was Newberry Honor book, and it was serious yet funny. I give it an A+!

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters (by Lesley MM Blume) is now one of my new favorite books. It’s about a lonely girl named Cornelia S. Englehart, the daughter of a VERY famous pianist. Cornelia wants to be herself, instead of seen as “Lucy Englehart’s daughter”.
Then, an elderly writer named Virginia Somerset moves in next door. She is like no other neighbor. Her apartment consists of a French drawing room, Moroccan sun room, Indian bed room, and an English library. Cornelia and Virginia begin to form a unique friendship as Virginia weaves tales about how she and her three sisters: Gladys, Alexandra, and Beatrice, traveled the world together. Virginia’s stories are unforgettable, as the book is itself. Some were sidesplitting hilarious, or had an important moral. I found myself enjoying the Parisian adventure best. I felt like I was there with the four audacious Somerset sisters as they explored England, France, Morocco, and India. I give this book 5 golden stars. Lesley MM Blume's debut children's novel is a must-read!

The Horseshoe Trilogies

Here is a fun and sweet series by Lucy Daniels for horse fanatics of all kinds!

Josie has three horses: Faith, Hope, and Charity. But she must sell them all due to her family's farm being shut down. But most importantly, she must find the right home for the sweet and caring animals. Join a spirited, horse-crazy girl and her three horses as they embark on a journey of excitement and adventure in 9 terrific books you'll love!
Recommended for grades 4 & Up


Lily B

Lily B, a character created by super-talented author Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, is a down to earth and enthusiastic character that young adults will adore. Book #1: Lily B On the Brink of Cool
Lily Blennerhassett tries her hardest to appear "cool" to a chic new family in town.....but how far will she go?

Book #2: Lily B on the Brink of Love
Aspiring novelist and book lover, Lily lands herself a job with a Real Author! And she also has a major crush.........

Book #3: Lily B on the Brink of Paris
Lily is headed to Paris on a class trip! Will she manage not to look like an obvious tourist, try not to get lost, and have a good time?

Readers will love Lily's unique voice and will want more of her!

The Callahan Cousins

Do you want a fun series for girls ages 10 and up? Check out "The Callahan Cousins" series by Elizabeth Doyle Carey for fun in the sun!
Spend the summer with Hilary, Neeve, Kate, and Pheobe Callahan, also known as the Callahan Cousins, as they spend their summer on Gull Island with their kind grandmother Gee. They'll learn about rivalry, family, friendship, and the importance of being yourself as they bike, swim, explore, sail, and have a whole lot of fun!
Series of 4:
Book #1: Summer Begins
Book #2: Home Sweet Home
Book #3: Keeping Cool
Book #4: Together Again

Skye's the Limit!

12 year old Skye O' Shea thinks she's the luckiest girl in the worldwhen she finds out she's going to Cat Island Adventure Camp for the summer. I mean, what sounds better than biking on a gorgeous island, swimming in the ocean, and sleeping under the stars? But soon Skye is battling huge mountains and a VERY evil girl.......can she cope?
A very cool and nice book for 5-8 graders by Megan Shull.


The Sisters Club

Are you looking for a laugh-out-loud hilarious read that's fun, appropriate, and all-around awesome? Than you should read "The Sisters Club" by Megan McDonald!
Stevie, Alex, and Joey Reel, members of their own "Sisters Club", take turns telling how living in a family of wacky actors feels, how to survive disgusting dinners (Tuna Noodle Fiasco and the Macaroni Mess), and much more. The Reel Sisters are funny and down to earth. You'll want to read this book over and over again-it's a Reel delight!


Stolen Words

Stolen Words by Amy Goldman Koss is a fantastic story written for girls ages 10 and up!
In her diary, Robyn writes about her family's trip to Austria, their lost luggage, and adventures in the Austrian countryside while she deals with the death of her favorite Aunt Beth and her mom's depression.
A fabulous read that you'll love!

Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb

Something odd is happening in Kiki Strike's New York. Strange squirrels are running rampant throughout Manhatten. An old mansion appears to be haunted. And two dangerous secrets are about to be let loose.....Back in this thrilling sequel, The Irregulars (led by the mysterious Kiki Strike) seem to have a knack for finding trouble: whether it's helping kidnapped kids underground, exploring the Shadow City beneath Manhatten's busy streets, or resucitating the ancient mummy of a Chinese Empress, there's mystery, suspense, and adventure lurking on all pages of this book. Readers awaiting the much-wanted sequel to the bestselling "Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City" (by Kirsten Miller) will not be disappointed!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hoop Girlz

If you are a sports-loving girl and want a book strictly about girls who play sports, Bookworm highly recommends the book Hoop Girlz by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. This thrillingly sweet novel is about a girl named River Jacobs who loves basketball so much, she wants to be in the WNBA one day. So she does what any basketball-loving girl would do: she tries out for her school's basketball A team, but ends up being placed on the B team, much to her disappointment. This is where all the "misfits" go, including a girl in a wheelchair and her little sister, along with a bunch of girls with a bad attitude. The girls have nothing: talent, a court or jerseys. But there is one very important thing that all seven or so of them posess: fun! So they form their own team and call themselves the Hoop Girlz. Will the Hoop Girlz be able to defeat the A Team? Here comes a great story of determination and passion that girls ages 8-12 will adore.

The Witches of Bailiwick

Join a talented girl witch named Beatrice Bailey and her friends as they travel through a magical realm of witches and magic, trying to break a thousand-year curse cast on the kingdom of Bailiwick by evil sorcerer Dally Rumpe. Magical and fun, author Sandra Forrester weaves in a curious cast of characters that you'll love!

Princess Academy

Atop Mount Eskel, many girls rival for the attention of a prince who has come to the snowy mountain to find a bride. The competition and jealousy escalates all around, while small mountain girl Miri lives her life. All though she is small and not very pretty, maybe she is the one that the prince will choose, but before he can, many exciting adventures will occurr to all the could-be princesses....
The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale is way worth reading!


Miracle on 49th Street

Miracle on 49th Street, written by bestselling sports reporter and author Mike Lupica, is about an orphan named Molly living in Boston. Then she meets a famous basketball player-and instantly believes that he is her father. She manages to persuade him that she is, but he doesn't believe her. Molly doesn't give up, but will he finally give in to the truth? Or will Molly be orphaned forever? A lovingly told story about family and basketball.
    I know that Mike Lupica normally writes sports stories with boys as the protagonist, but I think that Miracle could go both ways. I think everyone can identify a quality that they share with Molly. Overall, I'm hoping that Mr. Lupica will possibly write a sequel, because Molly was a very strong, bold character that made a great protagonist.

The Beacon Street Girls

Charlotte, Avery, Maeve, Katani, and Isabel are five best friends who have formed a group called the Beacon Street Girls. Together they solve mysteries, defeat the evil Queens of Mean, learn important life lessons, and have a whole bunch of fun. I loved these books and I recommend them to girls ages 11 and Up.
(Series of 12 with 4 special editions)


Children of the River

Sundara immigrated from Cambodia to the US when she was thirteen. She still feels awfully out of place, with her dark hair and skin in a land of white-skinned people with fair hair. Sundara knows she'll never be a true American-until she meets a very special boy named Jonathan. Just by meeting him her life changes forever. They form a bond that cannot be broken. But will Sundara choose her traditional Cambodian ways over a new life as an American? This is a touching story that will move you. recommended for seventh to ninth graders.
(Written by Linda Crew)

Dolphin Diaries

Jody loves dolphins. Good thing her parents are marine biologists, studying the friendly mammals as they trek around the world on a boat to study the dolphins. Join Jody as she travels to Mexico, Australia, the Florida Keyes and more-learning about dolphins all the while and experiencing danger and excitement all the time!
The dolphin Diaries, by Ben Baglio, are a series that 4-6 graders will enjoy!


Summerhouse Time

Sophie can't wait-it's the beginning of August-Summerhouse Time. Every year, her relatives and family gather at a large summerhouse on the beach for a month of splashing, playing, and enjoying each other's presence. But this year it's all different: Sophie's learning Italian, she KIND OF likes a boy, and her favorite cousin, Colleen isn' even talking to her. Can Sophie switch around the summer and have fun? Or is her summer doomed for disappointment? You'll love Eileen Spinelli's poetic style as you travel with Sophie and her family to the place on the beach where fun and summer begin!

Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel

Ellie McDougal (also called "McDoodle" for her love of art and writing) is experiencing the worst trip EVER. She's stuck with the relatives straight from a nightmare in a cabin in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip. Can she survive her awful cousins, aunt and uncle, and -GASP- possibly ENJOY herself? You'll love Ellie's unique diary and looking at her great sketches in her journal. Bookworm recommends this book (written by Ruth McNally Barshaw) for 4-6 graders.

Dear Dumb Diary

Here comes a fresh, funny series from renowned author Jim Benton that readers in grades 4 and up will adore!
Jamie Kelly, a student at Mackeral Middle School, and her best friend, Isabella, are just average. Join Jamie as she experiences community service, boys, perfect Angeline, adults, a new girl, and more, as she chronicles in her sometimes not-so-nice (but true!) diaries that will make you absolutely crack up.

The Lulu Baker Trilogy

Here comes a fresh, exciting, magical new series from talented British author Fiona Dunbar! Lulu Baker is a young chef with a secret: she owns a magical cookbook called The Apple Star that holds the oddest recipes: cakes that will make people fall in love, cookies that will make you blurt out the truth, chocolates that will make your wildest dreams come true. 
  Join Lulu as she creates magical recipe after magical recipe...while trying to avoid her evil stepmother Varaminta LeBone from figuring out her secret and stealing the magical cookbook!
Read all three of these fabulous, fast-paced stories:

Book #1: The Truth Cookies
Book #2: Cupid Cakes
Book #3: Chocolate Wishes

The Four Dorothys

At Orion Academy, it is hard to shine. That's because everybody is a star there. So for the annual spring revue, The Wizard of Oz, there's four Dorothys instead of just one. But just days before the performance, the Dorothys start gradually disappearing one by one.....until there are none left! Can talented detective and actor Brian Stark figure out what's going on behind closed curtains? And can he save the day? Recommended for grades 7 and up.


Owly is a sweet graphic novel by Andy Runton. Spend the day with Owly, and you'll have tons of fun and surprises along the way.
Recommened for grades 3-6 and for fans of "Babymouse" and "Fashion Kitty"!

Fashion Kitty

Fashion Kitty is a sweet and funny graphic novel for kids in grades 3-5 by Charise Mericle Harper. Kiki Kittie (otherwise known as FASHION KITTY), a spunky young kitten, goes to school by day and battles fashion disasters by night! Readers will want to stand up and cheer for Fashion Kitty!
#1: Fashion Kitty
#2: Fashion Kitty Versus The Fashion Queen
Fans of the spunky "Babymouse" (by Jenn and Matt Holm) series will thoroughly enjoy "Fashion Kitty"!


"Babymouse" is a lighthearted graphic novel series (perfect for ages 8-11) written by sister and brother pair Jennifer and Matthew L.Holm. Spend a day with Babymouse and her friend Wilson Weasel as they experience a first dance, twisted whiskers, skating lessons, camp, surfing, and surviving the wrath of Queen Cat Felicia Furrypaws! Fun and cute, readers will adore Babymouse.
#1: Babymouse: Queen of the World
#2: Babymouse: Our Hero
#3: Babymouse: Beach Babe
#4: Babymouse: Rock Star
#5: Babymouse: Heartbreaker
#6: Camp Babymouse
#7: Babymouse: Skater Girl
#8: Babymouse: Puppy Love
#9: Babymouse: Monster Mash--COMING SOON! (August 2008)

Sophie Pitt-Turnbull Discovers America

What is a proper English girl like Sophie Pitt-Turnbull doing in the wild, crazy world of Brooklyn, New York? Good question! Sophie must get used to all of America's wacky customs--and she might just discover something about herself, too.
This hilarious novel by Dyan Sheldon ( author of the popular "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen") is sure to be a favorite!

Sister Act

Doloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg) witnesses a local murder at a casino in Nevada. To escape an entourage of murderers who want to track her down and "do away" with her, the police transfer her to a nun's convent in San Francisco for her own safety. But Doloris is anything but a good nun. When she becomes Head of the Choir, she starts conducting the nuns-Doloris style! This hilarious comedy will have you cracking up for the love of God!