Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hildy Biddle, a teenage reporter for her high school's newspaper, The Core, always seeks the truth in a story. So when her small apple-growing town of Banesville begins to buzz with rumors about the old Ludlow house on Farnsworth road being haunted, Hildy knows something is up. Suddenly, the town is all worked up over spooky signs, "murders" on the property, ghosts, and "hauntings", worried for their safety. But Hildy senses that something else is going on, and she won't stop searching for the truth until she finds the answer to all this haunted hoop-la. But this spunky reporter will need determination, courage, and good friends, because there are people who don't want her to know the secrets of the Ludlow house! Joan Bauer, award-winning author of Hope was Here has created another fast-paced, well-written, and enjoyable read with a cast of characters readers will never forget!

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Natalia said...

I love Joan Bauer's writing. my fave is "Rules of the Road" and "Thwonk" or "Squashed". Have you read those yet?