Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bronte's Book Club

It's summertime, and 12 year old word-loving Bronte Bella has just moved from New Mexico to sunny Gray's Beach in California. In an attempt to make new friends, this spunky redhead decides to start up a book club for girls her age (dogs welcome, too!) Through this idea, Bronte indeed finds some new chums in her new town: Willow: secretive, pretty, and popular; Nan: sweet and cheerful; Lupe (and her Golden Retriever Sonny Boy): dramatic and funny; and Jessie: quiet, angry, and hiding something...This novel, written by award-winning author Kristiana Gregory, is an ideal story for readers ages 9-11. Bronte's Book Club is a perfect match for readers who like summer fun, adventure, and friendship!


Magda said...

Hey didn't kristiana gregory also write books in the royal diaries series? i think so...

Bookworm said...

Magda: Yes, Kristiana wrote for "The Royal Diaries". Her books for this series include the diaries of Catherine the Great of Russia, Eleanor of Aquitaine (my personal favorite), and Cleopatra, princess of Egypt.
"Bronte's Book Club" is great for younger fans of Ms. Gregory's, so if you have a sibling who also enjoyed the Royal Diaries books, have them check it out!
<3 Bookworm