Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Contest Winners Announced!

So, remember that contest that I introduced long, long ago? The holiday time one where I was giving away 3 awesome Random House YA books (Fallen, Going Bovine, and The Maze Runner)? Well, the holidays are over, and we've got a winner (sorry for my extreme sluggishness in posting the results)!

For our first winner (first pick from the 3-book pool), we've got SloMo2639. Winner #2, who has the next choice from the remaining two books, is Ultimate YA Creator, and the 3rd winner, who receives the final, remaining book is Shooting Stars Mag. I've emailed you all, so please respond soon!

Congratulations, everyone, and thanks so much for entering! A belated Happy Holidays to all. (;
I also need five more entries to the I SO Don't Do Spooky contest (two copies up for grabs!), so go enter here before January 20th!

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