Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Father Knows Best guest review

Author: Lynda Sandoval
Pages: 232
Published: Bold Strokes Books, April 15 2010
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Cover Score: C
Overall Grade: C

The summer before senior year is supposed to be amazing, according to Lila. She has a super cute boyfriend and is happy. But things get ugly as soon as her dad starts to date her boyfriend's mom. Think that's weird? Then she starts sleeping over--ew! Lila's best friend, Caressa, is leaving for an internship at a Broadway musical in NYC, and Meryl is busy working at the local health foods store. To make matters worse, Lila's arch-nemesis Jennifer is pregnant--and Lila's boyfriend could be the baby daddy. What was supposed to be a relaxing summer could turn out to be the worst ever.

My thoughts: Hmmmm...where to start on this review. Once I finished this book, I thought: great! I'm done. Never once was I reading this book and thinking, this totally sucks, or this is the best book I've ever read in my life. It's just okay. I finished reading Father Knows Best a few weeks ago, and when I turned on my computer to write a review, I had to refresh my memory on the plot. To me, that says a lot about the impact this novel had on me. Even though this book was just an eh read, there is some major drama in the story. When you add in teen pregnancy, gay marriages, and young affairs, this book seems somewhat memorable. If there were not such controversial aspects in the plot, it would've been totally forgettable.
My advice to Ms. Sandoval: write about Caressa, who lives in New York City for the summer doing makeup at Broadway play! Now that sounds like an amazing, exciting read! If you see this book at the library and have nothing else to read, go for it. However, it won't be on your Top 10 favorite books list.
Thank you so much to fellow book reviewer and friend Megan D, who used to blog over at Chicklita Reads, for her opinion on Father Knows Best. Stay tuned for more featured guest reviews by Megan on Bookworm Readers!

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