Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Best Friend, the Atlantic Ocean, and Other Great Bodies Standing Between Me and My Life With Giulio

Author: Jane Harrington
Pages: 174
Published: 2008, Darby Creek Publishing
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Cover score: B+
Overall Grade: B+

When Delia told her best friend Brady to bring back a "code-red Euro hottie" after her trip to Europe, she didn't know that Brady would take it so seriously--and bring home a true-blue Italian exchange student! Even though Delia knows that Giulio is Brady's boyfriend, she can't help but crush on him--plus, she knows that the average teenage relationship lasts only 34 days (32 left to go). However, between trying to learn Italian, managing the school football team, and recording her thoughts and feelings in her English journal, Delia may discover that maybe she and Giulio aren't meant to be...
My thoughts: Ohmygoodness, I love Delia. She was funny, honest, lovable, and frank. I really liked how the novel was in journal format--it made the narration feel more personal and relatable. Delia's voice was super-honest, and she often had me laughing out loud over her crazy schemes to steal Giulio away from Brady.
I wished that the characters of Giulio and Brady were a little bit more developed, though. I also think that the plot could've used some more detail and twists and turns, but it made for a light, breezy read, which was excellent for my pre-finals book slump.
I really couldn't help but root for Delia the whole way through--right up to the surprising (but super-satisfying!) ending. She's someone that I'd love to have as a friend--no matter how silly, quirky, and utterly (but adorably) oblivious she is!
Perfect for summer, this book (and its prequel, 5 Things My Geeky Jock-of-a Best Friend Must Do in Europe) will have girls ages 12 and up wanting more of Delia and Brady--and Jane Harrington's addictive writing!

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