Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Look (aka HELP!)

OK, so Bookworm Readers has a new look. I'm not positive that I absolutely love it yet, but I felt like the blog was in need of a little summertime makeover (we'll see how long that feeling lasts).
However, I (the technologically challenged) need some help:

a) I custom-made the banner from a "Cutest Blog on the Block" freebie, but for some reason it came out too short. Does anyone know how to make it longer to fit the standard Blogger header?

b) My sidebar is really crowded, and I'd like to expand into a 3-column format...but how exactly do I do that? HELP!!!!

c) Any other comments, questions, and advice is gladly accepted. Just leave a comment below!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new look!!!! It's really cute! =)

Dahlia said...

A) I used a freebie from Cutest Blog for my header too. I used to make it bigger.

B) There's actually a post on Cutest Blog for adding another sidebar, it can be found here. It's really easy to follow.

Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Check out Blogger Buster. However, if you REALLY need it, I can make a layout for you - I just want you to try yourself first. =]

An Addicted Book Reader said...

Blogger just came out with a whole awesome new layout designer, so I would highly suggest giving that a try. It is truly helpful : )

Juju at Tales of said...

Check out draft blogger!
It's a godsend.
BTW, this is a two column layout and you will need to pick a new background. But draft blogger makes that so easy :)

Kirthi said...

If you want to make the post width larger like my blogs, go to Inspired Designs Tutorials for a bunch of great tutorials!

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I don't love it but I don't hate it either.

Bookworm said...

Thanks for all of your feedback--it is greatly appreciated! (:

Kaylyn said...

Why don't you try out the Blogger Designer? It makes things MUCH easier. And has EVERYTHING :)

Wild About Words said...

You had interviewed me when my first book came out -- As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President!
Thought you might like to know my newest just came out -- How to Survive Middle School.
Love your new blog design.
All best,
Donna Gephart