Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cinderella (As If You Didn't Already Know the Story)

You know the story of Cinderella, right? Well you don't know this classic fairytale Barbara Ensor style. This witty and fun author tells the story in a different way. Like, for instance, you probably didn't know that the prince loved Jell-O and his mother made him take dancing lessons, did you? Or that Cinderella was so nice and funny and wrote letters to her mother, now, right? Ensor's beautiful black-and-white paper illustrations illuminate this great book even more. You'll love Cinderella's honest letters that she writes to her mother, and will eagerly keep on reading as her fairy godmother transforms lizards into coachmen! This "quick read for smart girls" is just as the book advertises it to be, plus a whole lot more!


Paige said...

Cute blog. Love the polka-dots. I found you off of Kelsie's blog. Sounds like a really cute book. I might have to look for it. Even though I seriously consider our house a library, I am surprised to say I don't think we have this one.

Bookworm said...

Dear Paige,
Hello and welcome to Bookworm Readers! I'm glad you like my blog. "Cinderella" is really a wonderful story, and I'm sure your whole family will enjoy it! I'm glad that you love to read. Good for you! Readers know best!

Happy trails,