Saturday, March 8, 2008

Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra

Eighth grade is proving to be very challenging for math whiz Tess, who uses algebra to explain everyday things that happen to her. Especially the following:
- Getting in a fight with her two best friends (2f)
- A stolen test (t)
- Three cheaters who are much > than her (3c)
- And a murder that could be committed by one of her parent's friends! (m) Can Tess work out the equation before she's totally in over her head?

2f + t + 3c + m= one totally exciting, fast paced, and fun book for middle schoolers by Wendy Lichtman!


Kelsie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I would have to say that reading is probably my favorite hobby. I mean, I love cake decorating, but you can't take a cake with you everywhere, can you? But you can take a book!

Do the Math looks like a good book. I'll have to recommend that to my little sister.

Bookworm said...

Hello Kelsie!
Thanks for visiting my blog, too! You have a wonderful site as well. Cake always tastes good with a good book!

PS. I'm sure your sister would love "Do the Math"! It's a fantastic book!

Wendy said...

Dear Kelsie,
I'm so glad you enjoyed my book and wrote such a great and clever review!
Thanks a million.
Wendy Lichtman