Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Luxe

When you open The Luxe, you open the door to Manhattan in 1899, full of jealousy, betrayal, romance, and secrets.
 Elizabeth and Diana Holland are the queens of the New York social scene. They constantly attend fabulous parties, glittering galas, and their names are frequently splattered all over the front page of every gossip magazine and newspaper. However, both girls are the keepers of scandalous secrets: Elizabeth is secretly in love with one of the Holland's staff, although she is engaged to possibly save her family's ritzy reputation. Will she have to choose between true love and family? Meanwhile, Diana loves someone she can't have-Henry Schoonmaker, Elizabeth's fiance√©. But what if he loves her back, too? But Di had better watch out, because Elizabeth's so-called friend and backstabbing heiress Penelope Hayes has her eye on Henry, and will stop at nothing to get him...
   And then there's Lina, Elizabeth's maid. Can she free herself from her enslaving job to follow her heart in love--and more? But then a tragedy occurs, possibly changing everything for all five teens...Anna Godbersen's exciting new YA novel is a masterpiece full of history, romance, mystery, and more that girls ages 13 and up won't be able to put down!

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