Monday, May 19, 2008

Nim At Sea

Nim Rusoe, the heroine from bestselling children's book Nim's Island, is back in this fantastically fun sequel! This time, Nim has made a huge mistake-she and her dad (Jack)'s new writer friend, Alex Rover, leaves the cozy, private island. And then Selkie, Nim's beloved sea lion friend, is kidnapped by the terrible Troppo Tourists, setting up a major adventure for Nim and her pet iguana, Fred. They must leave the island and stow themselves away on the ship in order to rescue Selkie. This time, the dynamic duo is headed towards a new island-a big, bustling city island-New York City itself! Along the way, they'll find friendship, fun, a scheming and evil Professor who is holding Selkie captive, and lots of rollicking adventure! Can Nim and Fred rescue Selkie in time (with help from their new friends Erin and Ben)? Can Jack find Nim? And can Nim find Alex in the big city before it's too late to apologize? This heartwarming tale by Wendy Orr will soon be a favorite of kids all over the world and as beloved as Orr's first novel!

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