Saturday, May 17, 2008

When You Wish

Meet Star Beck-she's a multimillionaire, is an internationally famous pop star and oh, yeah-she's only sixteen. But Star is sick of her life as a super-celebrity. She's sick of all the lies and diets and "romances" with people she hardly knows. And she's especially sick of her pushy mother, who as never let Star live a normal childhood ever since her dad left and Star got her big break. So when Star finds out that her mother has lied to her about her father her whole life, Star decides she's had it. So she changes her look, buys a bus ticket, and sets off on a quest to find her father-and her true self. She starts doing normal things like getting a job at a small Italian restaurant, meeting an adorable (and very nice) boy, living in cheap motels, eating fatty foods, wearing whatever she wants, and going anywhere without being recognized and hassled by the press. Can Star find her father-and her true self? Kristin Harmel's first YA book is sweet, heartfelt, and awesome--readers ages 12 and up will love to indulge in it!

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