Saturday, September 6, 2008

Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Juicy Secrets

Title: Juicy Secrets
Author: Victoria Ashton
Pages: 202
Harper-Tempest, 2006
Genre: Chick Lit
Recommended to: Girls, 13 and up
Rating: B
Spoiler alert! Read no further if you haven't read the previous two books in the series!

Parties...Cute boys...Fancy clothes...Gossip....Juicy secrets...
Welcome back to the lives of best friends and fellow high-school nannies Liz Braun and Adrienne Lewis. The hectic debutante season is over, but the girls have still got their hands full:
   Liz has finally nabbed Parker Devlin, her ultimate dream guy and budding New York City socialite, but it seems that he's hiding something from her, always on his cell phone, skipping school, and leaving parties unfashionably early. Too bad that Liz doesn't know that Parker's particular secret could affect both his social life and his relationship with Liz for the worse...
   Meanwhile, Adrienne has just gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Brian, who dumped her for bratty Cameron Warner, the daughter of Adrienne's employer and stepsister of her eight-year-old genius-kid charge. And Adrienne might just also be falling for the seemingly-sweet Graydon Warner, who has always been anything but kind to the teenage nanny. Can she trust him this time? 
   Packed with twists and turns, Victoria Ashton's finale to her trilogy ends with a satisfying finish. Although I enjoyed flipping the pages of Juicy Secrets, eagerly soaking up all the details of Liz and Adrienne's love lives and work issues (including Liz's nervous charge, Heather, taking horseback riding lessons!), I found that for most of the middle section of the book, I was practically falling asleep. It just lacked the sparkling, fast plot line that the first two books possessed. Anyhow, I the series is a perfect match if you need a book for the beach (not that you'll be going to the beach anytime soon, seeing as it's September), and I really, really (fingers crossed!) hope that Victoria will keep on writin' the Teen Nanny books-they have a ton of potential! But for now: au revoir, Liz and Adrienne! ):

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i love this book so much i love graydons charecter it rocks i give it ten thousand stars