Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introducing...The Monday Muse and Friday Flashbacks!

Hey everyone! I'd like to present a new Bookworm Readers feature...(drumroll, please!)....
The Monday Muse! Every Monday, a different author will be featured on BR by either a guest blog, vlog (video blog), interview, or 2-Minute-Test (details on this to come). Tomorrow, our featured author will be.....MICOL OSTOW!!!!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive interview (TBPT-To be posted tomorrow) about the release of her new book, Popular Vote, and her new/upcoming projects! Watch out for future Monday Muses-I'm really excited about this new feature, and I hope it's a hit! This week, I'm also introducing another new weekly feature: Friday Flashbacks. Every Friday, I'll review a favorite old picture book on my blog, just for fun. I'm still deciding on this week's Flashback Pick, but if you have any suggestions of an oldie that you'd like to see reviewed, let me know! If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to comment, and I'll be sure to answer 'em-I want to hear your feedback! 

Happy reading,


Francesca said...

Cool! Great idea-I loved Popular Vote!!!!

westcoastreader said...

Hi Bookworm! For your FF (Friday Flashback), how about Curious George? Why do kids still love him after all these years? Also, did you ever read a book from the UK called "Avocado Baby"? =)
Love your website!