Saturday, December 20, 2008

In My Mailbox: Take Two!

Yay to the Story Siren for this awesome feature! Here's this week's rundown (summaries courtesy of

Death by Denim by Linda Gerber 
(May 2009)
Even though Aphra Connolly knows there are some very dangerous people on their tail when she met her mom, Natalie, in Paris, she envisioned the two of them strolling along to Champs-Elysées, sharing Nutella-smeared crepes and mother-daughter bonding. But the only strolling they've been doing is from one cheap hostel to another, and the "moments" they share consist of Natalie instructing Aphra on the finer points of anonymity and survival. When Natalie's CIA contact in Paris is found floating in the Seine with a deadly message stuffed into his mouth, Aphra realizes that, like Seth Mulo and his family, she will never be able to stop running unless she confronts the situation head-on. Sneaking away from 
her mom and her CIA protector Ryan, Aphra tracks down a criminal mastermind in Italy, only to discover that Seth had the same idea, and her presences may have just put Seth in mortal danger...

How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier
Welcome to New Avalon, where everyone has a personal fairy. Though invisible to the naked eyes, a personal fairy, like a specialized good luck charm, is vital to success. And in the case of the students at New Avalon Sports High, it might just determine whether you make the team, pass a class, or find that perfect outfit. But for 14-year-old Charlie, having a Parking Fairy is worse than having nothing at all-especially when the school bully carts her around like his own personal parking pass. Enter: The Plan. At first, teaming up with her arch-enemy Fiorenza (who has an All-The-Boys-Like-You Fairy) seems like a great idea. But when Charlie unexpectedly gets her heart's desire, is isn't at all what she thought it would be like, and she'll have to resort to extraordinary measures to ditch her fairy. The question is: will Charlie herself survive the fairy ditching experiment?

Mary Margaret Mary Christmas by Christine Kole Maclean
Mary Margaret knows the true meaning of Christmas-presents!-and she is ready for her best Christmas yet. She has an ever-growing wishlist and a tree with enough room at the bottom for lots of gifts. But when her teacher's snow globe disappears from his desk and Mary Margaret becomes the prime suspect, all she really wants for Christmas is her good name back (although she wouldn't say no to a present or two). 


The Not So Closet Geeks said...

How To Ditch Your Fairy looks really good.

TruBlu93 said...

I really want to read the Death By series. I'm JELLY.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I want the first two as well. They all look good, and I have yet to read them. sooo manyyy boookkks. lol


The Story Siren said...

I love the death by series!! i can't wait to read denim!!

sweetmelissa818 said...

How did you get Death by Denim? I love Death by...

Paradox said...

How to Ditch Your Fairy and Death By Denim?!?! *envies*

Bookworm said...

Linda sent me a copy for Christmas. How sweet was that? (: