Monday, January 5, 2009

The Monday Muse: Interview with Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

Today's Muse(s): Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout!
Authors of: The Black Sheep & Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid (reviews here and here)
Favorite book?
Y: I don't have an all-time favorite. The book I enjoyed reading the most in 2008 was Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen.
S: Growing up, I loved anything by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Lately, I enjoy a variety of authors, including Jennifer Weiner. I also really enjoyed Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer.

Favorite TV show?
Y: I really like Extras and currently, I'm enjoying Friday Night Lights, thanks to Sandy who turned me on to it.
S: Yvonne recommended my current favorite, Mad Men. I'm also a fan of Heroes and Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite movie?
Y: An all-time favorite of mine is The Full Monty. I also love City of God, and in 2008, I enjoyed Mamma Mia!.
S: I love all the old John Hughes movies. This past year, I really enjoyed Iron Man, and also Ghost Town.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Y: My husband's home-made vanilla.
S: Anything that features chocolate.

Favorite piece of clothing that you own?
Y: At the moment, it's the one pair of jeans that still fit after my Christmas pig-outs!
S: Anything cashmere!

Favorite vacation/holiday?
Y: In an ideal world, I love a trip that mixes a good dose of the great outdoors with big city culture--like the time I went hiking for a week in the Pyrenees mountains, followed by ten days exploring the museums and architecture of Barcelona. I also LOVE the trips I've taken to New York with Sandy.
S: Ditto on our trips to New York, and also to California. And I love spending time at my family's cottage in northern Ontario, where I can walk in the wilderness for hours (though occasional bear sightings have cut a few hikes short)!
Favorite book that you've written?
Y: The Viven Leigh Reid books are my favorites. I guess because we've written three of them, I feel quite connected to the characters.
S: My favorite at the moment is Girl V. Boy, but Yvonne will tell you I usually like our latest work best.

Favorite character from your books?
Y: Annika, from the VLR books. She's fun to write because she's so vain.
S: I really like our villains. In Girl V. Boy, my favorite character was Grace. But my all-time favorite character is Judy, the rude and pushy producer from The Black Sheep.

What are you currently writing?
Y & S: We are working on a new series of books, but at the moment the content is still under wraps!
Thanks for the fun interview, Yvonne and Sandy! Can't wait to see what's next from you!

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This is my fave book! It has great characters and an exciting conflict. ITs a must read.