Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eyes Like Stars

Author: Lisa Mantchev
Pages: 368
Published: July 7 2009, Feiwel & Friends
Cover Score: A
Overall Grade: A-

Summary: Beatrice Shakespeare Smith's life is different from that of your average 17 year old girl. Orphaned at a young age, she was deposited upon the steps of the Théatre Illuminata as a baby, and has lived in the theater ever since. Within it, you can find every character from every play in the wings--they are bound to the theater by a magical, ancient Book, which contains every script, every line. The Players are her friends, her family, and the Theatre is her home. But Bertie is about to lose all of that, and she (and the Players) are about to be plunged into unknown dangers...
My thoughts: At first, I wasn't too fond of this story, to tell the truth. I found it a little slow, and some of the fantasy elements were a bit abstract and confusing to me (like Bertie's relationship with both Nate and Ariel). But boy, this book grew on me. A lot.
Once the plot hit a quarter-way through, I started really liking all of the characters. My favorites? The fairies, of course! They added a lively, humorous touch to the story. Bertie was an awesome, strong, sassy main character, and I loved Nate as a secondary!
The creativity and originality of this story also blew me away--I could picture the theater and all of its colorful characters perfectly in my head. The Theater was an enchanting, engrossing backdrop where all sorts of riveting, magical shenanigans occured--perfect entertainment for the reader. I also liked the way that Ms. Mantchev carefully wove three different angles of the story together (The Book, Bertie's direction of her new play, and Bertie's seeking of her parents).
The ending perfectly set up a sequel, which I will definitely be checking out and eagerly awaiting. To say it simply, Eyes Like Stars was an enchanting, whimsical, and fast-paced fantasy that sets the stage for many "bravos!" and encores.

Must-Read!! Check it Out Don't Bother


Sara said...

Great review!

I loved this book - definitely a favorite of 2009. It took me a long time to read it because I wasn't sure I would really like it - but I was sorry I had waited so long! I'm also excited for the sequel!

Kirthi said...


It WAS slow and confusing! I personally didn't enjoy it, but the fairies were also my favorite!

Bertie's relationship was weird, what happened to Nate? Why stay with Ariel?
But I guess I can agree with your final grade, and amazing review!

Eli said...

I really enjoyed Eyes Like Stars! Great review. :) Lisa is also super sweet and I LOOOVE the faeries!

Lana said...

I enjoyed your review! The fairies totally made me laugh out loud. Especially the fight over the jelly beans! So funny and quirky.

I'm really looking forward to the sequel, too!