Saturday, November 21, 2009

I So Don't Do Spooky

Author: Barrie Summy
Pages: 256
Published: December 8 2009, Delacorte Press
Age Range: Girls 9-13
Cover Score: B
Overall Grade: A

Summary: Super sleuth Sherry Baldwin Holmes thought she was done with mysteries after she cracked a very important case over spring break in San Diego with her ghost mother and best friend, Junie. But the Academy of Spirits wants her back to help them solve another mystery: Sherry's stepmother is in danger, but who could it be who's trying to hurt her? An angry student? A stalker? A member of the rival robotics team? Whatever it is, Sherry's already got a lot on her plate. Her best friend is finally interested in clothes and makeup, and her mom is competing in the Ghostlympics, where the winner receives five minutes of Real Time. But first Sherry has to get involved in a creepy, freaky mystery. But...she SO doesn't do spooky.
My thoughts: Yay! I was so psyched to start this one. I LOVED the first book in the series, I SO Don't Do Mysteries (my review here), so my main concern going into the second book was if it could be as good as the previous. At first, I had my doubts. The book was a little slow at the beginning, but quickly picked up and breezed by.
Sherry, as always, was a perfect lead character: she had a great, spunky voice, which made the first-person narration super-fun to read, and a hilarious sense of humor. The creativity (ie ghost moms) put into this book just made it all the more enjoyable and funny, and the writing and fast-paced plot sucked me in and kept me there until the satisfying ending. I wish there had been more suspects along the way to add more suspense, but the twists and turns incorporated into the story still made it hard to put the book down! I also really liked how there was a bit of supernatural-fantasy combined with the mystery, it made the case so much more interesting!
Overall, I So Don't Do Spooky was a fun, light read that leaves me eagerly awaiting for the next book in the series, I So Don't Do Makeup. An impressive start to a fun new tween series!

Must read! Check it out Don't Bother


Kirthi said...

Sounds great! I'm not so much for mysteries, but I should broaden my reading range and read it :D

Ms. Yingling said...

I had thought this one looked too young, but I will now take a closer look at it.