Sunday, November 8, 2009

Harry Potter Book vs. Movie review

So, I recently finished the 2nd Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and decided it would be fun to do a joint book-and-movie review!

I've always heard how fabulousamazing the Harry Potter books were, but I haven't decided to actually pick them up until recently, although I've been a huge fan of the movies (I've seen each one like, 10 times, and eagerly await the next). I liked the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, a lot, but the second one simply blew me away. The creativity of these books is brilliant! The story was riveting, filled with twists and turns, suspense and humor, and ending perfectly with all the loose ends tied up neatly, greatly satisfying the reader. I could picture every corridor of Hogwarts clearly and all of the zany, unique characters added depth to the story, portrayed with colorful descriptions. My favorite character? Ron, the perfect best friend-sidekick. Now craving the next book in the series (which is waiting on my shelf for me), I can finally say that I'm officially addicted to the Harry Potter series. If you haven't picked them up yet, don't miss out!

Seeing the movies sparked my desire to read the books, and after doing so, I can happily say that these movies could not be better adaptations of the beloved Harry Potter stories. First of all, the actors are very talented and are cast perfectly for their parts: I'm glad that the movie-makers got unknowns (at the time) to play the leads. The setting was amazing as well, exactly how I had pictured Hogwarts in my mind. It was so cool to see all of the action come alive on screen! While not as detailed as the actual book itself, the movie still stayed true to the novel.
From reviews that I've read, many well-known and well-loved books (like Eragon and The Golden Compass) that have been turned into movies greatly disappoint fans, but those who adore Harry Potter will be greatly satisfied with the big screen adaptation and will want to watch it over and over again (I think I've seen it 9 times). (:

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Eli said...

I am currently re-reading Chamber of Secrets! I am glad you decided to read the books. They were a favorite of mine growing up!