Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Savvy Girl

Title: Savvy Girl
Author: Lynn Messina
Pages: 252
Tilt (Harcourt Paperbacks), August 2008
Genre: Coming-of-Age/Contemporary Fiction
Recommended to: Teen girls, 14 and up
Rating: B+

Seventeen year old Chrissy Gibbons is more than excited to start her summer internship with stylish women's magazine Savvy: she can't wait to get a head-start on her future as a journalist, and the competition to land a monthly column in the magazine called "Savvy Girl" that's offered to the four teen interns only spices it all up. But then Chrissy befriends the glamorous British fashion editor for the magazine, Jessica, who takes her to all the coolest and most fashionable parties, and Chrissy begins to forget about the whole point of the summer: becoming a better writer, which does not have anything to do with partying and boys. She'll have to struggle to make the deadline, but by then will her chance at being the Savvy Girl be gone?
  My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed Savvy Girl: it was fun, sweet, and realistic. I liked how it didn't feature a perfect character who never made mistakes; Chrissy did make quite a few, but she ended up learning from them. I also loved how Ms. Messina incorporated a sub-plot into the story, with Lily and Graham, and how the dialogue was sassy and fresh. While incredibly well-written, I found parts of Savvy Girl to be a bit cliché: girl gets internship, girl ditches friends for someone glamorous she admires, girl realizes she's made a mistake, girl works hard and gets all of her friends back. However, Savvy Girl, featuring an entourage of realistic, lovable characters, is a colorful, fast-paced novel that will have girls eagerly flipping the pages until the very sweet, perfect ending.


allire said...

I like the idea of getting an internship at a magazine. I think that it gives great opportunity to make the book great. But I do agree that it's over-done a bit.

Cool review. It seems interesting/
= ]

Mitzy said...

This looks super cute and kind of a spin on The Hills ish?