Monday, November 3, 2008

The Monday Muse: Linda Gerber

This week's Muse: Linda Gerber
Author of: The Finnish Line and Death by Bikini 
Starring in: An interview
Bookworm: How long did it take you to write Death by Bikini?
Linda: DBB was kind of a long process because it started out as a different concept than what it ended up as. I wrote a complete manuscript the other way then rewrote the whole thing and then tweaked and tweaked and tweaked until my publisher and I were both happy. The other books have been much quicker.

Bookworm: Which Death was your favorite to write?
Linda: It's hard to say-like choosing a favorite child. But I guess I would say Death by Denim [coming May 2009] because by the time I started working on that book, I knew the characters well and I enjoyed putting them in the new setting.

Bookworm: How many books are you planning to write in the Death By...series?
Linda: At the moment, there are three complete. We have discussed doing more, and perhaps I will when I am done with my current WIP. I'd still like to spend more time with Aphra and Seth.

Bookworm: If you could meet any of your characters in person, which one would it be?
Linda: Seth. Absolutely.

Bookworm: Will you be writing any more S.A.S.S. books in the future?
Linda: I doubt it. I've only lived in two foreign countries so far and I've covered both of them in the S.A.S.S. books I did write-Now and Zen and The Finnish Line. I think that will do me. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind!

Bookworm: What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Linda: READ! Ride bikes, listen to music, hang out with my family, watch movies.

Bookworm: What was your most favorite Halloween costume ever?
Linda: A costume that I wore? That's tough. Once I went as Peter Pan and my BF was Tinkerbell. :) My favorite costume for my kids is easy - it's a monkey suit I made when the oldest was two years old. Over the years, each one of them wore it when they were that age and they were each adorable. *sniff*

Bookworm: Anything else that your readers would want to know about you or your books?
Linda: Yes! I will be the guest blogger on the Penguin Blog November 10-14th, giving answers to FAQ and some true-confession-style insights on the creation and writing of the series.
Thanks so much to Linda for the grrrrreat interview!
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westcoastreader said...

Bookworm -- great interview with a cool author!
Hey -- what happened to Friday Flashback?

Book Fanatic 101 said...

Oh I love the costume question! I wish we could see pictures of that monkey costume. lol

blackroze37 said...

nice interview!

Paradox said...

I really must get to reading Death by Bikini and Death by Latte. I won them and they're signed!!! I can't wait for Death by Denim!!!

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Love, love, love Linda Gerber!