Sunday, October 25, 2009

In My Mailbox!

As always, many thanks to the Story Siren (aka Kristi) for starting this awesome meme! (:

Stupid Cupid
by Rhona Stapleton (December 22, 2009)
Felicity believes in true love. That's why she applies for a gig at the matchmaking company, Cupid's Hollow. But when Felicity gets the job, she learns that she isn't just a matchmaker...she's a cupid! (There's more than one of them, you know.)
Armed with a hot pink, tricked-out PDA infused with the latest in cupid magic (love arrows shot through email), Felicity works to meet her quota of successful matches. But when she bends the rules of cupidity by matching her best friend Maya with three different boys at once, disaster strikes. Felicity needs to come up with a plan to set it all right, pronto, before she gets fired, and before Maya ends up with her heart split in three.
Thank you so, so much to Rhonda and Simon Pulse for having an ARC sent my way! I was so excited when this came in the mail and can't wait to start reading--it sounds adorable!

Legacy by Thomas E. Sniegoski (October 13, 2009)
What if you found out your deadbeat father is a superhero? Would you leave your small-town life to take up the mantle of a father you never new? For 18-year-old Lucas, the choice is an easy one: he's not going to leave behind his mother and his comfortable life for a father who's never shown any interest in him. But his father--known officially as billionaire Clayton Hartwell, and secretly as the vigilante superhero The Raptor--tells Lucas that as he is dying, evil is growing, and the world needs Lucas to become the new Raptor. When Lucas's mother is killed by mysterious warriors, he realizes that his father is right. Once in Seraph City, Lucas is stunned by the amount of poverty and crime. But after observing his father's "heroic" behavior up close, Lucas is left wondering about the line between good and evil. And eventually, he must decide whether to take a stand against the one man who loves him in order to defend a world that desperately needs him.
This book sounds so cool! I'm really eager to find out what happens. I've always loved
superhero stories since I saw The Incredibles in, like, 3rd grade. Plus I think the cover rocks--it's very comic-book-cool.

Ex-Mas by Kate Brian
Seventeen-year-old Lila Beckwith's parents just left for vacation, and Lila's all set to throw the holiday party of the season. But when her Christmas-obsessed little brother, Cooper, discovers that global warming is melting the North Pole, he and his best friend, Tyler, take off on a runaway mission to save Santa.
Lila has to get Cooper safely home before her parents get back on Christmas Eve. But the only person who can help her is Tyler's older brother, Beau--aka Lila's musician, anti-everything ex-boyfriend.
It'll take more than a Christmas miracle for Lila and Beau to overcome their differences and find their fugitive brothers. But could a journey destined for disaster help these polar opposites fall in love...all over again?
After buying this one today at Barnes & Noble, I am planning on putting it on my shelf and waiting until Christmastime to read it (which is gonna be really hard, it looks adorable)! I can't wait to see what happens...I've read a few of Kate Brian's books and they were pretty good. Plus, this cover is adorable!

Bundle o' Bookmarks
I won a bunch of bookmarks from Kay Cassidy's awesome You 2.0 Blog! They include bookmarks from:
- Alyson Noel (Blue Moon/Evermore)
- Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush)
- Lindsey Leavitt (Princess for Hire) *signed
- Bree Despain (The Dark Divine)
- Lindsay Eland (Sonces & Sensibility) *signed
- Stephanie Kuehnert (I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone)
- Stephanie Kuehnert (Ballads of Suburbia)
- Jennifer Hubbard (The Secret Year)
- A.S. King (The Dust of 100 Dogs)
- Julie Kagawa (The Iron King) *signed
- Taylor Morris (Total Knockout)
- Kay Cassidy, of course! (a bunch of awesome The Cinderella Society bookmarks and Great Scavenger Hunt Contest swag) *signed
...And I also bought a book that I will be giving away in a super-special, secret contest that will be announced on Tuesday, so check back!

Overall, it was another really awesome week in books! (:



Great books this week, I really wanna read Stupid Cupid! And wow you have a lot of bookmarks now :)

prophecygirl said...

Ex-mas sounds great, and I love the bookmarks!

Sunshine Edition said...

So jealous! X-mas and stupid cupid! ughh!! tell me how they are

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. They all look really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Hey! You've got an award(s) over at our blog!! Check it out! :)

-BAM Book Reviews!


I totally want Ex-Mas! Sounds so cute!

Emily said...

The books sound interesting, and congratulations on your bookmarks! I've been using post-it notes lately since I can't seem to find any of my regular bookmarks, they get lost so easily! Enjoy!

What Book is That?

Thao said...

Ex mas looks super great! Enjoy the books.

Juju at Tales of said...

I can not wait to read Ex-Mas :)

Kay Cassidy said...

So glad the bundle of bookmarks arrived safe and sound! :-) Enjoy them... and happy reading!

Kiki said...

these are all great suggestions, I really want to read them all!

Cindy said...

Happy reading!