Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mail Call!

"In My Mailbox" was created by Kristi over at the Story Siren. Here's what was in my mailbox this week (Sorry about the crappy spacing for the DupliKate summary, blogger was acting up):

DupliKate by Cherry Cheva
Getting into Yale has been Kate Larson's dream for years--and
being overworked and under-rested is the price of admission. But when she
opens her eyes after falling asleep on her keyboard one night, she comes
face-to-face with, well, herself.
Meet Kate's computer-generated twin. Kate doesn't know why she's
here or how to put her back where she belongs, but she's real. And she's
the last thing Kate has time to deal with right now. Unless...could having
a double be the answer to Kate's prayers?
Thanks, Yan, for swapping with me and having DupliKate sent my way!
I love the funky cover and I look forward to reading this one ASAP!

Envy by Anna Godbersen
Jealous whispers. Old rivalries. New betrayals.
Two months after Elizabeth Holland's dramatic homecoming, Manhattan eagerly awaits her return to the pinnacle of society. However, when she refuses to rejoin her sister Diana's side, those watching New York's favorite family begin to whisper that all is not as it seems behind the stately doors of No. 17 Gramercy Park.
In this thrilling installment of Anna Godbersen's bestselling Luxe series, Manhattan's most envied residents appear to have everything they desire: Wealth. Beauty. Happiness. But sometimes the most practiced smiles hide the most scandalous secrets...
I really loved the first book in this series, and I own the second, so I decided to buy this one today at Borders. I'm really excited to see it--I'm totally needing to catch up on the Holland family's life and scandals, especially because the fourth and final book, Splendor, comes out later this month!

Dear Pen Pal by Heather Vogel Frederick
Could the book club break up? When Jess is offered an anonymous scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, she's not sure that leaving home--and her friends--is what she wants to do. Meanwhile Megan's grandmother comes for a long visit and turns everything in the Wong household upside down; Emma crusades against her middle school's new uniforms; and Cassidy finds out there's a big change ahead for her family.
Inspired by Jess's unexpected opportunity, the book club decides to read Jean Webster's classic Daddy Long-Legs, and there's an added twist this year when they become pen pals with the girls in a book club in Wyoming. There's plenty to write to their new friends about, from a prank-filled slumber party to a not-so-secret puppy--and even a surprise first kiss.
This series, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, is so cute, so when I heard that the 3rd book had recently been released on September 22, 2009, I had to go to Borders immediately and scoop it up!

From Random House:
- Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
- Solace of the Road by Siobhan Dowd
- A Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper
...Many thanks to Random House for these three awesome books to review!



Nice books, I can't wait to read Almost Perfect, enjoy!

Sarahbear9789 said...

Awesome Books this week.

April said...

Duplikate does have a cute cover!

Happy reading :-)

katie said...

Oh wow really good books this week. I loved Duplikate and the Luxe books are some of my favorites. I can't wait for your reviews. Enjoy!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Envy is SO good! I can't wait for Splendour!

Kate said...

Oooh, some great books. Happy reading =)

Ms. Yingling said...

Looking forward to what you say about Duplikate. Agree on Never Cry Werewolf, but will buy it for my library. Dear Pen Pal sounds good, but Daddy Long-Legs is creeeeeepy. There must have been quite a problem in the early 1900s with older men taking very young girls under their wing, waiting 15 years, and then marrying them. Ew.

Nina said...

Great books you got! Enjoy reading them! :)

Kay Cassidy said...

Good stuff! Btw, you won a Bundle o' Bookmarks giveaway on 10/12/09. :-) Here's the link: Congrats!