Thursday, August 7, 2008


Title: Chiggers
Author: Hope Larson
Pages: 171
Genre: Graphic novel
Recommended to: Tweens and teens ages 11-15
Rating: B
Abby is going back to summer for camp for what seems like the billionth summer. There, she'll meet up with her best camp pals: Rose, who is an assistant counselor and Beth, who is a black and rock music lover. But this year, things have changed. Rose is acting like she's too good to be Abby's friend, and Beth has found a new, seemingly better sidekick. So when the new girl, Shasta, arrives at camp with her bags and a mysterious secret (or two) and clings on to Abby, Abby's happy for the friend (even if her other former chums despise Shasta). Combine all that drama with a spooky campout, an odd and creepy light that seems to be attracted to her new best friend, a cute boy named Teal who shares the same interests with Abby, and Shasta's life possibly being in danger...
OK, I admit it: I guess I was kind of assuming that Chiggers was going to be like any other "comic book": kind of shallow, maybe, with funny jokes and an easy-to-follow plot. If you think that this novel is just a light, breezy little book of pictures, think again. You'll be surprised. The illustrations are gorgeous, the plot has a whole other side to it which makes it deeper then just a novel about camp, and the whole storyline makes sense.
Even though this "graphic novel" was a quick read, I found myself thoroughly impressed with Hope Larson's beautiful and expressive art that seem to light up every page. I felt like I myself was sharing the mystical camp experience with Abby and her pals. Engrossing, artistic, and fun, Chiggers isn't your ordinary novel: it's practically a work of art!
   Many thanks to Hope Larson for sending me a copy of her book!(: I loved it! Click here and here to view a page from Chiggers.


The Book Muncher said...

this has nothing to to w/the review, but i saw you comment on my blog and would love to do a link exchange. had to leave a comment cuz i couldnt find an email address. oh well :D

Leslie said...

Looks good. I <3 graphic novels. is it manga?

Bookworm said...

No, "Chiggers" is not manga. It is, however, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel. It seems so realistic, like you are actually at camp with Abby and her friends! If you like graphic novels, then definitely check out Hope Larson's quirky and unique "Chiggers".