Monday, August 4, 2008

The Clique: Sealed With A Diss

*SPOILER WARNING*: Do NOT read any further if you haven't read the previous seven books of the ah-mazing Clique series!
   The Pretty Committee (Massie, Dylan, Kristen, Alicia, and, yes, Claire) have finally found the key to the coveted secret room beneath OCD, granting them as the official eighth-grade alphas to-be. But now sneaky eight-grade alpha Skye Hamilton has another job for them if they want to hang onto their ruling status next year: she's asking Massie to hook her up with LBR Layne Abeley's hawt (but grieving) older brother, Chris (Massie's former crush!) as the date to her styling costume party, which may be harder then it seems because Chris seems to still have feelings for Massie...Can Massie snag dates for the rest of the PC and make Chris fall for Skye in time for the party without looking like a total LBR? Luckily, with a new kind of ESP, it might be easier than it seem, especially when this ESP tells her everything she needs to know about how boys think.
   Meanwhile, Kristen's got herself a Goth hottie, Dylan's packing on the pounds when she finds out that two certain boys like girls who eat, Alicia is all set with her mega-crush Josh Hotz, and Claire finds out that Cam may or may not be hiding something very important from her (like another girl)...
   I LOVE Lisi Harrison's fun, bubbly writing and all the hilarious Clique lingo (Ehmagawd!). She truly knows how to writes for preteens and teens, making great summer reads. They're light, they're fun, they're easy, but they're also deeply satisfying. I can't wait for the next!

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