Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Popular Vote

Title: Popular Vote
Author: Micol Ostow
Number of Pages: 210
Publication Date:  September 2008
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Recommended to: Teens and tweens (definitely for girls), ages 12-15
Rating: A-

Erin Bright basically has the perfect life: a perfect father, who is the mayor of their small Illinois town of Plainsboro; a cute, smart, well-liked and perfect boyfriend name Logan who has been student council president for every year that he's been at Plainsboro High; totally awesome and supportive BFFs; and a good school. Even Erin herself is the model First Daughter (not to mention First Girlfriend). But when a conflict involving a historic Plainsboro site that Erin feels very strongly about surfaces, the residents of Plainsboro realize that all of this is going to change. Erin's about to take matters into her (well-manicured) handsand stand up for what she thinks is right. So she decides to run against Logan in the high school's student council elections, much to everyone (especially Logan's) shock (not to mention the fact that she's practically going against all of her father's beliefs). Now her best friends are totally snubbing her, she and Logan are breaking up, and her family isn't talking to her. Luckily, she's got a supportive campaign team, a good cause, and a lot of will and determination that might just get her what she wants...Can Erin rock the vote?
   I adored Micol Ostow's fun, well-written novel. Her style is so fresh and clear, and each paragraph is packed with purpose and to-the-point. I loved getting inside Erin's head and devouring her juicy blog posts. Athough Popular Vote is simple, I thought it was entirely a blast to read, keeping me engrossed for the whole 210 pages. My opinion? Well, I'm not rating this amazing novel 5 stars for nothing...

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