Friday, August 15, 2008

Confessions of a Teen Nanny: Rich Girls

Title: Rich Girls
Author: Victoria Ashton
Pages: 208
Parachute Press, 2006
Genre: Chick lit
Recommended for: Teenage girls, 13 and older
Rating: A

Welcome back to the glittering, glamorous world of the Manhattan A-list in the second book of the "Confessions of a Teen Nanny" trilogy. Adrienne Lewis is still a nanny for the wealthy Warner family, including seventeen-year old debutante-to-be Cameron, who gets anything she wants and rules her private high school with a gem-studded fist. She and Adrienne have never gotten along, but when Cam steals Adrienne's lovable boyfriend Brian, that's the last straw for this teen nanny. So when Mrs. Warner, upset about Cam finding a "suitable" date for her debutante ball, pays Adrienne to try and push Brian away from Cam in time for the event, she jumps at the opportunity to get her boyfriend of two years back. But Cam is harder competition than Adrienne thought....From planning a disastrous debutante tea to figuring out how to crash the ball, Adrienne's got her hands full...and the clock's still ticking.
   Meanwhile, her best friend, Liz Braun, has her own problems. First off, she's stuck as a nanny for a psycho psychiatrist whose daughter is always on the verge of a nervous breakdown and whose son is bugging her practically to death with his obnoxious invisible friend-which his mother encourages! That's not the only thing on her plate, however. Her new boyfriend, wealthy socialite Parker Devlin, may or may not be also dating the talented and beautiful Isabelle Schyuler...
   I discovered this series at the library one day, and haven't been able to put them down since! Imagine a much-modified version of Gossip Girl: if Serena and Blair were nannies! Packed with galmorous parties, big secrets, cute boys, and haute fashion, Rich Girls could very well be the next "big thing". I think that Victoria Ashton has a real voice that truly calls to young girls. Her stories are glittering, likeable, fun, and very, very realistic. It's nice to read about real girls with real jobs who have real problems. Although I found the ending to be a little disappointing, I thoroughly enjoyed Rich Girls and can't wait to read the final third story, Juicy Secrets!

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