Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Finnish Line

   Ski jumper Maureen Clark is thrilled about traveling to Finland with the S.A.S.S. program. There, she'll practice her ski jumping for the famed Lahti Ski Games, study at a local Finnish school, and will (hopefully) be able to escape from her famous skiing father's overbearing shadow. But when she arrives, she's in for a shock. She has to share a room with her host family's snotty daughter, her jumping is way off, and she's having a hard time balancing school with practice. Then Mo's secretive and cute teammate, Leevi Patrin, offers to help her practice her jumps, in exchange for a little publicity. What is there not to like? Skiing, romance, and, hopefully, a lot of improvement just in time for the ski games. Unfortunately, Mo has been told to stay away from Leevi, but once she gets to know him it could be hard...
Readers will enjoy accompanying Mo as she experiences dog sledding, visits an ice hotel, goes snowmobiling, makes new friends, sees real reindeer, and more, all written colorfully by author Linda Gerber. Does Mo have what it takes to win? And will she go against her host family to pursue her crush?

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