Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bad Kitty: Catnipped

Title: Catnipped
Author: Michele Jaffe
Art By: Lince
Pages: 172
TokyoPop & HarperCollins, 2008
Genre: Manga/Mystery
Recommended to: Teen readers 13 and up
Rating: A

   Crazy-haired cowboy boot-wearing anti-Nancy Drew Jasmine ("Jas") Callihan is back, and this time, manga-style! In her very first graphic novel, Jas has got a lot on her hands:
a) she can't manage to have brunch with her "Tabasco-hot" rock star boyfriend Jack Early without being mobbed by his fans
b) she's trying to solve a diamond heist at the mall 
c) her evil cousin Alyson and her hench twin Veronique are trailing Jas and her friends wherever they go
d) trying to handle all of this while trying to avoid getting caught by the Thwarter, aka her overprotective dad!
It's going to be a long day....But can Jas find the culprit before someone innocent gets framed? 
   I've got to start out by saying....I love Michele Jaffe. She is hilarious. Seriously. Every time I pick up one of her books I immediately get sucked into all the humor, funny slogans ("That is so Visa!"), awesome characters (Go Roxy!), and creativity that she puts into the plot. 
   I'm not a big manga reader, so I was surprised to be overall very delighted with the book. I loved how the oh-so-talented artist Lince really made Jas and her friends come to life exactly as I'd imagined them, and how clues and hints were hidden into the artwork. In my opinion, the comic book is just as good as the previous two novels, if not better (who doesn't love illustrations?), making a quick (it took me only about an hour and a half to finish) and suspenseful read for those who need a break from real books! I can't wait to see what crazy situation Jas gets herself into next...

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Steph Su said...

I loved Bad Kitty as well. Not sure how I feel about it being manga-fied, though... Hmm. I know they've been doing this with some YA books (Avalon High, and I saw something at B&N today but I forget which book it was). Have you read other book-turned-mangas? What do you feel about them?

Bookworm said...

Hi Steph! I actually haven't read any other book-turned-mangas, but if I had, I'd probably read the actual book first. What about you?

Liviania said...

I need to find a copy of this one! I loved Bad Kitty and Kitty Kitty.

KD said...

Never heard of this one but it sounds really cute!