Saturday, February 7, 2009

T is for Tags!

I was tagged by Sharonanne to do this fun meme where you are assigned a letter and have to list 10 things you like that start with that letter! I was assigned "T". Here goes:

1) Turtles--they're so cute and wise
2) Taffy--especially that saltwater stuff they sell near the beach. Ohmigosh, root beer is the best.
3) Trick-or-treating. I love Halloween (:
4) Tabasco sauce. On pizza. Seriously, it's the best.
5) Tacos with cheese, chicken, and olives.
6) Talking. Ask any of my friends. I never shut up, LOL.
7) Totally awesome books--who doesn't love a good read?
8) Tootsie Rolls. Yum!
9) Target. I could spend hours in that store. 
10) Taylor Swift's songs (particularly "White Horse" because she gets annoying after a while)
Bonus: Tags like this one--too fun, huh?

Anyone who wants to can participate, so if you're interested, comment below and I'll assign you a random letter! Have fun! 


wdebo said...

Aw that turtle is very cute!

I love tacos with cheese and talking also :D

Can you count me in please?

Wdebo :)

Simply_Megan said...

Tabasco sauce on pizza? I don't know about that one. But I love salt water taffy too!

susan said...

Fun list. I was already tagged by Lenore. Come by. Enjoy your blog.

Shalonda said...

So glad turtles were #1! I collect turtles (not real ones). They are so adorable!

Oooh, and I love Target too!

sharonanne said...

I'm giving away a signed copy of The Season so you mine as well enter too. :)

wdebo said...

I put mine up if you wanna see it!

Wdebo :)

deltay said...

Haha, that is an adorable turtle!
Nice list; I love Taffy and trick-or-treating and tootsie rolls too!