Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make A New Friend!

Hey, everyone. Since it's nearly Valentine's Day, which is a season of friendship and love, why don't you be a sweetheart and make a new friend by following a great up-and-coming review blog, Laura's Review Bookshelf? She has great reviews and giveaways and is also a really nice person. (:

She's having this contest....if you begin following her blog, you can be entered to win a book of your choice (ARC or regular), and how can you pass that up?! Also, tell her I recruited you so I can also get points towards the contest. So...go! Check her blog out now!

Edit: I know I'm also really behind on my reviews, but I've just been busy with life and school and other stuff. I'm almost done with Violet on the Runway (and lovin' it!) so I should have that up soon. (:


Laura said...

Hey, can you send me an e-mail? I need to ask you something!

Laura said...

And thank you so much!