Thursday, May 28, 2009

Contest Reminders!

Hey, guys,
Just updating you with the contests going on around here. Hurry to enter--all three are ending soon!

- The Girl Power contest that Chicklita and I are putting together ends Monday, June 1, so you only have 3 days left so enter! Check it out--we're giving away 3 awesome books: How to Ditch Your Fairy, Hot Mess: Summer in the City, and Celebrity Skin.

- I'm giving away a copy of Frenemies and Faketastic, both by Alexa Young, and some other fun goodies. This contest ends Wednesday, June 3, and you'll definitely want to check it out, because one person is going to win it all! Click here to find details on how to enter!

- Check out my interview on Mrs. Magoo Reads.  Mrs. Magoo and I are giving away a copy of Christine Hurley Deriso's Talia Talk, which is a very fun and cute read! This contest ends as well on Wednesday, June 3! Thanks, Mrs. Magoo! (:

Good luck to everyone!

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