Wednesday, May 6, 2009


...Yes, I have a pile of books that are at the top of my priority list reading-wise. These are books that are nearly due at the library, ARCs that are being published soon, books i need to mail to people after reading them (ahem Karin Perry.....sorry)....You get it. Here's what my TBR ASAP pile is looking like right now:

- Death by Denim by Linda Gerber (comes out May 14)
- The Real Real by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus (comes out May 19)
- The Writing on the Wall by Wendy Lichtman (just because I've had it forever!)
- Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (almost due back at the library)
- Lipstick Apology (I PROMISE I'll try to finish it this week, Karin! Yikes...)
- TMI by Sarah Quigley (came out April 16)
   I also wanted to thank authors and publishers because I've taken forever to read and review their books that they so kindly, generously sent me a LONG time ago. That means you, Jody Gehrman, Katie Davis, Julie Bowe, Diana Rodriguez Wallach, Justina Chen Headley, Teri Brown, Karen Day, Lisa Yee, Micol Ostow, and Stephenie Kuehnert (Erica Feldman, too). I've been so dang busy with school, etc.
    And I always try to review an ARC just before or just after it gets published, but sometimes I fall short (like for TMI). It's not because I don't care or because I don't like your book. It's because I'm so busy, which I wish I weren't. But this summer, I'm planning on reading and reviewing a whole lot more. I just wanted to let you know that your well-deserved reviews are on their way!

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Micol Ostow said...

OMG, totally no rush. I just hope you like the book!