Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interview with Alexa Young

OK, OK, I know it's not Monday, when I post my normal weekly author interview, but we can pretend. (:

This week's muse: Alexa Young
Author of: Frenemies (review here) and Faketastic (review here)
Bookworm: Welcome, Alexa! To start off, tell us: Do you think that you're more like Halley or Avalon, the two "frenemies" that your books revolve around? Explain why/why not.
Alexa: I'm sort of a mix of the two. I'm probably a bit more like Avalon (yes, the more annoying of the two protagonists!) in the sense that she's a type-A control freak Capricorn with an insecure streak--someone who has to work really hard for everything and who is constantly learning lessons from her mistakes. But I'm also drawn to arts and creativity (and cute boys in bands)--and I was a total late-bloomer, like Halley.

Bookworm: Have you ever had a frenemy? 
Alexa: Yes, unfortunately I've had quite a few frenemies. One of the issues that's come up a couple times is the sort of jealousy that can occur when a good friend pursues other interests or starts becoming close with someone else (another friends or a new boyfriend, etc). That tends to shake the foundation of a relationship and brings up some insecurities--just like it does if a significant other starts checking out (or hanging out with) other people. It's kind of twisted and perhaps a bit silly, but it can be very real and emotionally-charged to see your friend change or even ditch you for someone else. I've also had situations where my best friend and I just drifted apart. In those cases, there wasn't a dramatic end to the relationship or a huge fight,
but there was a distinct feeling that it was time for us to go our separate ways--at least for a while. I have also had one fairly complicated best friendship that's riddled with ups and downs. We push
 each other's buttons and take everything kind of personally. We even broke up for a while last year-but we made up and still love each other as much as ever. For now. ;-) See? You're never too old to be dysfunctional!

Bookworm: Halley and Avalon are both pretty fashion-obsessed. Do you think you love
 fashion as much as the frenemies?
Alexa: I don't think ANYONE loves fashion as much as the frenemies. I do like fashion magazines and shopping and wish I could afford all the fancy, high-end stuff (and wish I could fit into it!)--but I'm way more of a comfy-clothes-from-Target (or Gap) kind of girl.

Bookworm: Boots or heels?
Alexa: Boots...with heels. But they have to be thick heels, and no more than 2 or 3 inches. I can't do spiked anything anymore. Shoes shouldn't (and don't need to) be painful to look good. Plus, I'm 5'8", so I don't need to add that much more height. 

Bookworm: Lipstick or lip gloss?
Alexa: Lip gloss. I rarely, if ever, wear lipstick. I think because I have a bit of, um, a large nose, lipstick tends to make me look like a drag queen. 

Bookworm: Favorite article of clothing?
Alexa: Anything black--but especially a black hoodie. It's such a running joke with everyone I know since I'm practically always wearing one. I've got about twelve of them. A friend of mine even got a little child-sized one for my son for his first birthday so we could match. :)

Bookworm: Heehee! Will you give us a sneak peek of what's going to go down between the two ex-BFFs in Glamnesia, the third book in the series?
Alexa: Absolutely! It's my favorite book in the series so far. The girls go up to Los Angeles for Fashion Week and wind up living out a bit of a Project Runway-style life, complete with crazy fashion designers and a scandalous love interest. In spite of all the competition that crops up between them, it might just wind up bringing them closer together....or will it tear them further apart (?!).

Bookworm: Oooh, sounds amazing! Now I'm so excited!!!! Do you think that the series is going to extend past Glamnesia?
Alexa: Yes. I'm about to start working on the outline for a fourth and final book. I've been thinking about titles and plot details, but I need to talk it all through with my editors before I dive in.

Bookworm: What do you do when you're not writing?
Alexa: I spend way too much time surfing the internet and reading about celebrity scandals. I also love guilty-pleasure TV like American Idol, Gossip Girl and the new 90210. I have a three-year-old son (a really fun age!), and he goes to preschool three days a week while I work--but I'm always doing things with him on the days he's not in school, like playing in our hot tub (we keep it cool so it's more like a mini swimming pool) and going to the zoo or the playground. My husband I also like to cook and we barbecue A LOT! 
Thanks so much for stopping by, Alexa! 
Check out Alexa's blog Alexicon here. I'm also getting a real kick out her new blog: WORST. REVIEW. EVER, where author share the worst review their book has gotten!


Kate said...

Great interview. I really want to read Frenemies and Faketastic.

Amy said...

You actually have good questions! I'm so bad at thinking of original questions. I liked the black hoodie answer-it made me laugh because I have a blue hoodie that my friends always tease me for wearing. I wear it every single day(don't worry, I wash it;) It;s like a comfort jacket:-D

Lenore said...

I am more of a lip gloss girl myself.

Chicklish said...

Great interview! Thanks, Alexa and Bookworm!

Summer said...

I have a black hoodie that I love too! In fact I broke it today.

Liyana said...

Great interview! I dunno, I love reading stories about frenemies.

Jenna said...

Really cool interview. I have to agree with Alexa on the Lip gloss thing. I pretty much never wear lipstick. I prefer Lip Gloss.

Llehn said...

Woo lip gloss!

wdebo said...

Yeah for BBQ s!! Haha! She sounds really cool and fun, great interview!!

Wdebo :)

Jessica said...

That's so cute that your son has a matching black hoodie! Adorable!

Alexa said...

Nice interview! I'm very eager to read Frenemies and Faketastic.

Laina said...

Lol, I have a dark blue hoodie I wear as a jacket, that's totally relateable.

Anonymous said...

I love books with fashion! Great to know that Glamnesia is not the last book.

Wrighty said...

What a fun interview! This sounds like a great series, especially for summer. I like the story line and the fashion interest. I don't miss those early teen years one bit but I do have wonderful memories and still have amazing friends from school.