Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Everafter War

Title: The Sisters Grimm Book 7: The Everafter War
Author: Michael Buckley
Pages: 306
Published: Amulet, 2009
Recommended!!!/Not recommended
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Cover Rating: A
Overall Score: A+
*heads up for spoilers! If you haven't read the rest of the series, read no further!*

   The fairy-tale mystery-solving Grimm sisters, Sabrina and Daphne, are back in the action-packed seventh book of the series. The good news for the family is that the girls' parents, Henry and Veronica, have been awoken from their two-year-long sleep, which they were put under by a mysterious and possibly dark spell. The bad news is that The Scarlet Hand, a dark fairytale organization who have ruined the town of Ferryport Landing and have killed many of the town's fairytale characters (the Everafters), is plotting war against the Grimm family, and all of their Everafter friends! It's time for the girls to come face-to-face with the Master, who has a surprising identity and a betraying secret...
   My thoughts: If you haven't read this series already, you MUST. One of my favorite books of all time, The Sisters Grimm is utterly genius, causing the reader to think, Why didn't I think of that? Michael Buckley doesn't waste words, and his books (I've read all seven) are the type that keeps you madly flipping pages until the ending, which usually is a frustrating cliff-hanger that leaves you craving more! Buckley doesn't put a ton of fluff in his novels--he provides action, dialogue, and a whole lot of creativity. In one word, genius. I love all the fairytale characters, good and bad, and in this book especially, all the twists and turns incorporated into the plotline. The way that the author provides foreshadowing and hints that turn up later in the book was just amazing to me. Probably my favorite thing about this series is how everything falls into place and makes sense in the very end. The Everafter War is fantasy, but not so weird and unrealistic, as some of the more heavy fantasy books can be. What makes this book so special is all the secrets and surprising truths revealed. I couldn't stop reading!
  Pardon my absolute gushing, but I cannot wait until the eighth book comes out, an exciting (hopefully) conclusion to the series. This series is perfect for boys and girls age 9 and older, especially for those who don't like to read: this series will definitely change their minds! 

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Kiki said...

i love the sisters grimm, i can't wait to read this. my favorite parts are always with Puck