Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jet Set

Title: Jet Set
Authors: Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman
Pages: 243
Published: 2008, HarperTeen (Hardcover)
Definitely recommended!/Not recommended
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Cover Rating: B-
Overall Score: A+

     Lucy Peterson is sick of her life as the daughter of a member of the US Army, always moving around and never staying in one place long enough to make friends. So the perfect opportunity presents itself when Lucy gets a full scholarship to the internationally-renowned elite Swiss boarding school, Van Pelt, where she'll excel on the superstar tennis team and have a place to stay for the next 3 years until college. But Lucy soon learns that "elite" is the understatement of the century. At Van Pelt, a usual dinner involves black-tie dress and caviar, "classmates" are daughters and sons of the world's wealthiest, including a handful of royalty; and dorm rooms are furbished by world-famous decorators (with built-in safes for all the royal jewels, of course!). Lucy is totally out of her league, especially when the most popular girls in school seem to be out to get her, her crush is a prince who thinks they're just friends, and her only friend is the school's biggest gossip, who might have darker plans and will do anything to get a scoop...What has Lucy gotten herself into?
   My thoughts: I'll just simply start off by saying that I adored Jet Set. I was expecting a simple, fun read, but what I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was.
   Now, I don't want to get all fangirly, but I'll start off by saying how well-developed the characters were. I loved how the authors described all of Lucy's classmates, with their illustrious titles and backgrounds. Lucy herself was an awesome main character, and I loved how level-headed and honest she was, the type of friend I'd love to have. Almost every other character had a cool quirk that made them to fun to read about: Sofia, Oliver, the Diamonds...The only character I was really disappointed with was Antony. I felt like his character was kind of rushed into the plotline, and, to me, it felt like we hardly knew anything about him.
   I was also very impressed by the plot itself. At first glance, I was expecting a simple, predictable storyline, but I was very pleased in the end with all the twists and turns, even little mysteries (who was Lucy's secret friend?) that simply spiced up the plot. This book, to me, seemed very well thought-out, all the events making sense and falling into place. The descriptions were outstanding, and Lucy's narration was wonderful--she had a real voice. 
   All in all, I wish I could go to Van Pelt! Luckily, readers will be hooked to the plot like I was, almost feeling like you were there alongside Lucy the whole time! (I have to admit--I was actually really sad when the book ended.) A talented-seeming duo, I look forward to reading more from these authors in the future.


Kate said...

This sounds like a great read. Excellent review!

Anonymous said...

Great review! Will check this one out!