Friday, October 12, 2007

Bollywood Babes

Bollywood Babes, the second in a trilogy by British author Narinder Dhami, is a funny and cute book that girls ages 10 and up will enjoy. When the infamous Bindi Babes find that former Bollywood star Molly Mahal is going to be evicted from her dingy apartment, they hatch a plan. Their school's Bollywood party is coming up and it would be great to have a real Bollywood star there! So, in exchange, they invite Molly Mahal to stay at their house just until she gets back on her feet. But Auntie is less than thrilled: Molly takes over her room and her clothes! Little do the Dhillons know that Molly will take her sweet time to get back on her feet.....and might drive them nuts in the process!

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