Friday, October 26, 2007

Horse Angel

Horse Angel is a moving and creative series by Canadian author and fellow horse-lover Angela Dorsey. Angelica is a girl who has mystical powers: somehow she can talk to horses, and by using her special touch, she can heal a horse instantly. Angelica's actions will amaze you, and you'll never want to put a Horse Angel book down.

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Angela said...

Hi Bookworm! Guess what? I'm a bookworm too! I'm also a writer who wants to say thanks for your very kind words about my series, Horse Angel!

I hope you enjoy my next series as much. Its called Whinnies on the Wind and is about a girl, Evy, who lives in the wilds of B.C. with her mom. They've been hiding out for as long as Evy can remember, and she's bound and determined to find out why! Also, she has a special gift - she can communicate with horses, so of course the mustangs and her two special horses are going to help her discover the truth.

I hope you'll enjoy the Whinnies books as much as Horse Angel!