Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gilda Joyce and the Ghost Sonata

Gilda Joyce is a spunky teenage Physic Investigator that girls ages 11 and up will love. In the third book of the popular series by Jennifer Allison, Gilda and her best friend Wendy Choy are headed to Oxford, England to an international piano competition that Wendy is competing in (Gilda is the page-turner for the competition). But once they get there, Wendy starts having disturbing dreams, and is hearing a melancholy, mysteriously haunting tune that nevers leaves her. And scary tarot cards and messages keep on showing up everywhere........ Is she haunted? And can Gilda, girl detective and physic investigator, figure out the mystery and save the day? Or will Wendy be doomed? A thrilling, spooky, and wonderful tale that will make readers stand up and cheer! More posts about Gilda Joyce are coming as Bookworm reads the rest of the series! (=

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