Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How My Personal, Private Journal Became A Bestseller

This hilarious and sweet book by Julia DeVillers is and awesome read for girls ages ten and up.
Jamie Bartlett, a normal girl, struggles with the challenges of high school: the popular group hates her and she's basically classified as a "dork". Jamie records all of these frusturations in her personal, private journal, creating a story about superhero Isabella ("IS" for short) who crushes this stereotype mean girl and her clique of evil populors. But then, accidentally, her best friend turns in the journal instead of an essay, and Jamie's story is turned into a bestselling book. Girls all over the country are in love with IS-and now Jamie's famous! Now she's going to movie premieres, book signings, fancy parties, shopping sprees, and she's even tight with the cool crowd! But will Jamie forget about her real friends--and will all the fame and popularity go to her head? A realistic and sweet book that is awesome!


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