Friday, October 12, 2007

The Princess School

The Princess School (by Jane B. Mason and Sarah Hines Stephens) is a great series for would-be princesses ages 9-11! Join beautiful Rose, silly Snow, adventurous Rapunzel, and kind Ella as they embark on many fun and amazing adventures that you'll want to be sure to tag along on!
Book #1: If The Shoe Fits
Book #2: Who's the Fairest?
Book #3: Let Down Your Hair
Book #4: Beauty is A Beast
Book #5: Princess Charming
Book #6: Apple-Y Ever After
Book #7: Thorn in Her Side
Book #8: Slippery Steps--COMING SOON!


Honey Head said...

Hey do you know when Slippery steps is coming out?

Bookworm said...

Hello Honey Head!
No, I do not know when "Slippery Steps" is coming out, but here is a brief summary of this new book from The Princess School:
"It's bad enough that Ella has to live with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. But now, the stepmother's evil stepfamily is coming to visit! Soon Ella is caught in the middle of a nasty family feud where she really has to watch her every step!"
For more info, visit! It should be in local bookstores soon! Thank you for your post, and check back here soon!
-- Bookworm

Lizzie22 said...

I love the book: Thorn in her side. Do you know where that book would be in Hartford, Wisconsin?

Bookworm said...


I'm not sure. Maybe you could check out your local bookstore. I know that these books are available at Barnes and Noble and Borders chains, but if those stores aren't available, I would visit your local independent bookseller and ask them to order it for you!

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

I can't find the book Slippery Steps anywhere! Do you know where it might be? I'm dying to read it.


Anonymous said...

We are looking for Slippery Steps. Has it been released?

Joy said...

I've been looking for Slippery Steps ever since I bought Thorn in Her Side, Has it already been released and is now just very hard to find? Or is this a book that will never be published?

July 7, 2011 9:42pm

Bookworm said...

Hi all,

Slippery Steps will not be published. It was due to be released in December 2006, but was cancelled by the publisher.

Anonymous said...

Hi bookworm where is slippery steps? Is it ever coming out?

Anonymous said...

Why was Slippery Steps cancelled? I really want to know.


Joy said...

Like a lot of people who've already commented, I also want to know why the publisher canceled the book Slippery Steps. Does anyone know and can they tell us why?