Friday, October 12, 2007

Melanie Martin

Join globetrotting eleven year old Melanie Martin in four exciting adventures that take you to Manhatten, New York, Italy, Spain, and Holland. You will love Melanie's quirky voice as you read her private diary as she experiences events on her many vacations. You'll fall in love with Melanie's annoying but lovable family: the history bluff dad, art teacher Mom, and, of course, annoying little brother Matt, known to Melanie as Matt the Brat!
Book #1: The Diary of Melanie Martin (Italy)
Book #2: Melanie Martin Goes Dutch (Holland)
Book #3: With Love From Spain, Melanie Martin (Spain)
Book #4: Melanie in Manhatten (New York City)
Author Carol Weston will captivate you and make you want to explore these countries yourself!

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carol said...

What a pleasure to read this post. And okay, I confess--I'm Carol Weston, the author of the four Melanie Martin diary adventures. Believe me, I loved writing them so I'm glad that kids love reading them. I write for older teens too--my website is (also so you can always visit and see what I'm up to.
Meantime here's to reading and writing and traveling!