Monday, August 17, 2009

The Monday Muse: Julie Bowe Guest Blog

Today's Muse: Julie Bowe
Author of: My Last Best Friend, My New Best Friend, and My Best Frenemy (summer 2010)
Without further ado, please welcome Julie!
Hi, Bookworm Readers!
I'm excited to be guest blogging here today. Since my books (My Last Best Friend and My New Best Friend) have to do with friendship, Bookworm and I thought it would be fun if I told you about my childhood BFF, Elisebeth. She was my cousin, too (still is!). J
Elisebeth was three years older than me, but that didn't matter. We played together all the time, put on silly shows for our families, camped out in my haymow, read Nancy Drew mysteries and Richie Rich comic books, swam in my creek, and shared huge crushes on teen idols David Cassidy and Jack Wild (sigh!). Elisebeth even taught me how to ride a bike (I didn't learn how to ride one until I was thirteen. No lie.)
Elisebeth and her family lived across the meadow from my family, so there was a well-worn path through the tall grass from her house to my house. One summer day Elisebth was home alone when a monster storm hit--lightning flashing, thunder crashing, and tons of rain gushing down!
Elisebeth was so scared she bolted out of her house and ran across the meadow to my house (not a smart thing to do during a storm!) When she got there, her clothes were soaked through and she was wearing only one shoe! Her other one had fallen off as she
 raced down the mucky meadow path.
After the storm (and for a long time after that), we searched and searched the meadow for her missing shoe, but we never found it again.
That was forty years ago and I still wonder what happened to that shoe. I don't have to wonder whatever happened to Elisebeth, though. We're still good friends today! J
Photo (above, right): Julie Bowe (in the inner tube) and her BFF Elisebeth
Thanks so much for sharing, Julie! Check out Julie's Livejournal blog here
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Paradox said...

I believe that friends are one of the best parts of life! Great guest blog!