Friday, April 25, 2008

Caught on Tape

Lights. Camera. ACTION! In the third book of the Hollywood Sisters series by Mary Wilcox, there's a lot of drama going on on the set of the hit TV show Two Sisters, so amateur sleuth Jessica Ortiz (yes, the sister of TV honey Eva) has got her hands full. First of all, Eva has paired Jessica up with a fake boyfriend, which could cause lots of problems with Jessica's real crush, Jeremy. As well as this, an obnoxious tour bus keeps on disrupting the Ortiz sisters' neighborhood, Jessica's about to head to a new school, and someone keeps on pulling not-so-funny pranks on the set! Whew. This funny, down-to-earth girl has got her hands full on set-and off! After reading this quick, Hollywood-packed book, they'll be craving more!

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