Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chloe, Queen of Denial

16-year-old Chloe of Seattle, Washington, is reluctant to spend a whole month at an archaeological dig in Egypt. After all, she has her nickname of "Queen of Denial" for a reason! Chloe's always been scared about almost everything and is timid about trying new things. But her parents force her to embark on her Egyptian adventure anyway ("It'll look GREAT on your college application!"). But what Chloe was not expecting was scorching heat, scorpions in her bed, a nasty dig-mate, an evil chaperone (who freakishly resembles the female version of Ronald McDonald), mummies, spooky tombs, a water thief, stolen artifacts, danger, and a very ancient well as some surprising changes that Chloe discovers in herself! Luckily, she has some great friends and a little romance to get her through her Egyptian adventure..and she might just enjoy it, too! While reading this phenomenal YA novel, readers will feel like they are right there in the sandy desert and spooky burial shaft with Chloe and her friends, thanks to Naomi Nash's marvelous descriptions. Recommended for young adults in grades 7-10.

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