Friday, April 25, 2008

DRAMA! #2: Everyone's A Critic

BIG drama is coming to super-elite Orion Academy: the famed Hartley Blackstone (director-actor-writer-songwriter-choreographer extraordinaire) is coming to select 2 talented actors to participate in his summer theatre camp (In New York City!). But what these 30 Drama Geeks (including Bryan Stark and his pals Sam, Hope, and Jason) AREN'T expecting is mean girls who'll stop at nothing to get selected, a tough breakup, lots of hard work, and Hartley Blackstone's harsh critiques that might ruin Bryan's career as an actor...
Can Bryan and his theatre friends get their act together (literally), and create a kick-butt performance that'll blow Hartley Blackstone away? Or will it result in crushed dreams and broken hearts?

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