Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Dumb Diary #7: Never Underestimate Your Dumbness

Whoa! Jamie's got a lot going on! First off, her aunt's wedding is just around the corner, and Jamie is secretly dreading it because, a) she has to wear a hideous brown dress and clogs, and, b) she'll officially be related to Madame Perfection, aka Angeline! Ick! Plus there's the dance coming up, a sticky situation, and a fight with her scheming BFF, Isabella. One things for sure: never underestimate your dumbness! Jim Benton's 7th book in this series published by Scholastic is just as funny and irresistable as the first 6!

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Anonymous said...

i really love dear dumb diary books jamie kelly is so great she has the same problems most teens do these books are so funny and great and i would like to say thanks to the author for making these books.YOUR #1 FAN