Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nim's Island: The Movie!

How would you like living on your very own private island, with only your scientist dad and animal friends for company? An island full of adventure, secret hideouts, and tons of places to play? Welcome to eleven-year old Nim's world!
   When her dad, Jack (Gerard Butler)  jets off on a seafaring adventure to search for plankton, Nim has the whole island to herself for two whole days! At first she's thrilled, but then disaster strikes-Jack gets shipwrecked in a vicious tropical storm and Nim's all by herself! So she turns to her favorite author and hero, Alex Rover (Jodie Foster), for help via email. But what she doesn't know is that Alex isn't a man-and certainly not a hero! This cowardly author must summon up all of her courage to save the day for Nim and Jack! But will she be too late? And can Nim save her island from tourists? Readers will clap with joy as they watch the bestselling novel by Wendy Orr come to life on the big screen.

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